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DMT-Nexus Wiki Community Portal

ToDo List

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Please familiarize yourself with the general markup of the to-do lists before adding an item and leave the subject line blank when doing so.

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Tasks for The Nexian DMT Handbook

The Handbook Transclusion Project Information.png
Most topics covered in the handbook are quite generalized and often demand to be assigned their own pages to go into greater detail. This project is for the purpose of giving these topics their own pages and prepping the most fundamental portions of the page to be transcluded to the handbook. This will reduce clutter in the coding of the handbook and allow for its information to remain consistent and up-to-date with the rest of the wiki. All pages contained therein will be categorized as such under the link above which also contains further elaboration on the details of this project.

Guidelines for Contribution
  • Articles should be generalized in a somewhat encyclopedic fashion--open-ended and comprehensive.
  • Inclusion of personal opinions or predilection and unnecessary specifics--such as specific number amounts (rather, opt for ratios) and specific equipment--should be avoided.
  • No procedure should be a tek in itself, but an inclusive and comprehensive representation of all teks and other bodies of knowledge found on the Nexus or related forums.
  • If an empty topic contains a link to an uncreated page, all content for that topic should be put on that page, and it will be automatically transcluded to the handbook.
Articles to-do

Remember that if an article may appropriately be given its own page, create it and transclude it, rather than adding it directly to the handbook.

To Be Reviewed


Wiki Feature Requests

  • Labeled Section Transclusion[26] [GRANTED] -> implementing this can help alleviate the limitations posed by normal transclusion.
  • Input Box[27] [GRANTED] -> could be used for ease of adding items to ComPort lists.
  • Wiki/Forum Integration [28][29][30] -> this could best be accomplished by a separate forum to be contained in the wiki via an extension.
    • This will facilitate more structured and involved discussion regarding all aspects of the wiki or projects closely tied to the wiki.
    • This will make embedding of wiki articles in forum discussion possible.
  • PDF Export -> to enable that each article or even the whole wiki be available for download as a fully navigable document.
    • This will enable large projects like the handbook to be dressed up and released periodically to possibly circulate beyond the Nexus and spread a body of good information for the benefit of the entheogenic community at large.
    • It will also allow for teks to be authored on the wiki and then easily converted to a document to be designed by the author for widespread release.
  • Linked words on the forum -> for any commonly used terms to link directly to wiki pages that elaborate on their meaning.
    • This has already been done with a few terms, such as SWIM, but many other terms could be included.
    • Some terms link directly to wikipedia articles, but if they hold relevance to the Nexus, perhaps a page should be added for such terms and the wikipedia article simply transcluded to that page (this way, the wikipedia transclusion can eventually be replaced with an article more specifically relevant to the Nexus).