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fasw with limo tek:

1.Pulverize the bark you have untill its a fine dust,

2.Use 100gr MHRB powder and mix it with 25gr CAOH to basify it.

3.Add water to make it feel wet but not watery.

4.Add 200ml of d-limonene to the mixture and let it stand for a day and shake hard everytime you come by.

5.Seperate the limonene ( I prefer to use a tea-towel and press out all of the limonene ) Or u can use a coffeegrinder like the 69ron mescaline tek to press out all limonene.

6.Make a mixture of FASW ( Fumaric Acid Saturated Water )

Fumaric acid can dissolve with a 0,63 to 100 ratio ( 0,63gr fumaric acid / 100ml water ) source: wikipedia Best to take a water bottle and mix 9,45gr fumaric acid with 1,5 liter water ( use it for multiple pulls )

7.Add the FASW to d-limonene and shake the hell out of it multiple times and wait for any emulsion to settle.

8.Now you can seperate the FASW from the d-limonene ( Seperatory funnel, or you can freeze the limonene with the FASW. The limonene can be poured of and reused )

9.Now slowly evaporate the FASW as it will give you full spectrum fumaric acid alkoloid content.

Congrats: U now have DMT + Alkoloids Fumarate.