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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of Phlux's Telepathine Tek[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

Telepathine Teq Isolating the Harmine and Harmaline from a Rue Extraction a collaborative effort by Dynamix / Phlux- / Monad / Root


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This is by no means my tek - i take no credit for the information contained within. After performing the manske extraction on rue one is left with a freebase mixture of Harmaline and Harmine and allthough this can be used as is having them separate is nice for more control. To separate the two one can take advantage of the difference in their pKa values. The pKa value of a substance is the pH at which half of the substance is in freebase form and the other half in salt form.

  • Harmine - pKa=7.7
  • Harmaline - pKa=9.8

According to Infundibulum(The Nexus) the best pH to precipitate harmine is at pH 8.75 because at this pH one will in theory get at around 92% harmine and 8% harmaline. If the harmine is precipitated at pH 8 one would get a much purer harmine but not all the harmine in the solution will precipitate. A calculator is available in the original post here

In this tek - Step 2-4 are just for a purer product - after step 1 the solution could be filtered and one could proceed directly to step 5.

Isolation of Harmine

The Manske Mixture (freebase form) 500mg is used here

Step 1

Disolve the freebase in acidic water (acidify with a little bit of vinegar)

Step 2

Filter the solution and increase the pH slowly to 8 using a sodium carbonate solution.
Within a few hours hours precipitates are visible and a few hours later...

Step 3

When the xtals have formed completely the solution can be poured off

Step 4

Then the xtals dried before collection
This yeilded 150mg of rather pure harmine

Step 5

The solutions pH can now be pushed up to 8.75 using a sodium carbonate solution.

Within hours a loads more xtals precipitate
Which can be collected and dried. This yeilded 130mg fairly pure harmaline

Step 6

Increase the pH to the max using sodium carbonate solution to precipitate the Harmaline. The Harmaline was not as visually pleasing as it grew - it just looked like white sand.

220mg was dried and collected.
It is easy to pour the solution off the Harmine xtals but the Harmaline filtration was more tricky an easy kitchen solution that worked was a syringe with a peice of coffee filter paper cut and folded to size. When all the solution has been filtered the syringe plunger can be used to press the remaining water out and remove the Harmaline as a soft tablet which can then be dried completely.


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