The FASW Method

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The FASW Method

this is a procedure to salt a 100-300ml pull of limonene the measurments are more of a rough guideline it doesnt have to be exact play around with what works best for you... Get a small jar/beaker/cylindrical container and put around 300ml of WARM water in it. Add ~2g of fumaric acid to it. Stir this like crazy. There may be a few fumaric acid chunks in there but can leave them and fill with more warm water for later pulls.

Stir 50ml FASW into the d-limonene for at least 10 minutes, HARD. Then suck out/drain off the dmt fumarate saturated water, which will be the bottom liquid layer. SWIM usually cleans out the third small jar and puts this saturated water in it before putting the water on the evaporating plate. This is so that he can filter the water before it hits the evaporating plate. This keeps any traces of d-limonene out of the soon to be evaporated dmt water. Repeat this step two or three more times with 50ml fresh FASW each time per pull of limo

Evaporate the saturated dmt water in the dehydrator or on a very very low oven setting, no more than 175F. This will result in the solid DMT fumarate. This stuff is HARD. It may be difficult to scrape up, but just use some muscle and it will come up. from here you can freebase or just eat the fumarate like i do ;]

Note: the solubility of fumaric acid in 100ml water is 0.63 g @ 25°C, 1.07 g @ 40°C, 2.4 g @ 60°C, 9.8 g @ 100°C. (The Merth Index, 8th ed.)