FASA Alteration of Final Purification

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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of bufoman's FASA alteration of final purification tek[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

Once one has collected the white-offwhite crystals that have collected on the bottom and inside of the jar. They are placed in a clean beaker. (These crystals contain both DMT fumerate and a large portion of unreacted Fumaric acid.)

To separate the desirables from the fumaric acid one simply adds 12mL H2O per gram of material. (the DMT fumarate is soluble in the water while the fumaric acid is only barely).

The aqueous (now yellow) solution is carefully decanted into a clean beaker or drying surface.

The water is reduced by 1/2 with a hair drier and then allow to sit open to the air and slowly evaporate.

Within a day (at most) large transparent crystals will begin to precipitate out one can collect these. (If one does not care about ascetics the solution can just be rapidly evaporate with a hair drier or on the oven and the crystals utilized right away. However SWIM recommends the crystallization.)

The remaining solution is then reduced again with a hair drier and allowed to sit as before. Once it has fully evaporated the crystals that collect can be collected.

One now has highly pure DMT fumarate. The crystals are very nice to look at. One can attempt to wash the fumaric acid crystals again with an additional 10mL of H2O to see if any crystals are obtained however due to its solubility most of the DMT fumarate will collect during the first attempt.


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