The DMT Handbook

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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of The DMT Handbook[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

The DMT Handbook

The DMT Handbook presents a step-by-step Acid/Base tek for the extraction of DMT using Acacia obtusifolia bark as the source material. It also includes detailed descriptions of the methods of purification and recrystallization, instructions on the production of DMT enhanced leaf (colloquially known as changa[1]) and details of various methods of ingestion.

It was originally developed from the LexTek method by Viracocha and uploaded to the site in December 2008 before being added to the wiki by Amor Fati in February 2009.


Part 1: Extraction of DMT (Revised A/B)

Part 2: Methods of Purification (covers Recrystallisation and Crystal Growing)

Part 3: Salting (DMT base -> DMT Fumarate)

Part 4: Making DMT Enhanced Leaf (aka Changa)

Part 5: Methods of Ingestion (including The Machine, Pharmahuasca, etc..)


  1. The DMT Handbook - Viracocha[1][2]


[1] The word "Changa" is more specifically used to describe an enhanced leaf combination using an MAOI, typically banisteriopsis caapi; this essentially produces a smokable ayahuasca although many users develop their own, often non-MAOI containing, blends, hence the use of the phrase "enhanced leaf".