Nontoxic limonene tek

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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of SyZyGyPSy's Nontoxic Limomene Tek[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.


  1. Take some root bark powder (or pieces or whatever), put it in a crock pot, and add some basified tap water (roughly 1.75L H2O was used for 100g rb, with I think a little over 100g NaOH mixed into the water prior to adding it to the rb).
  2. Add some limonene, doesn't really matter how much but SWIM likes to use a lot, ~500mL, cuz he recycleth it. Put the crock pot on the "keep warm" setting and let it set for awhile. SWIM likes it to set overnite so the lye has a chance to gnaw away at the root bark cell walls.
  3. Stir it all up so all the magick has a chance to come into contact with the limo. Then let it settle again.
  4. CAREFULLY pour off the limo into a receptacle with large surface area such as a baking dish or another crock pot liner or a large bowl or something. The idea is to be pouring into a wide enough area that anything that runs down the side of the ceramic crock pot liner still drips off the bottom into the receptacle. Try to pour off only the limonene, but if some basified solution makes it in then that's ok too.
  5. Put the limo into a sep funnel. If any basified soln spilled over, you may have to wait a day or so for it all to settle to the bottom - the limo should be clear, not cloudy. Drain off any basified soln once it settles.
  6. Wash the limo by adding 1–2mL of 10% ammonia. If your limo is clear and clean (i.e. if you managed to pour off only limo and no basified soln) you might get away with skipping this step, but I'd do it anyway just cuz. If your limo is dirty cuz you poured off lotsa base with it, and especially if'n you were in a hurry and didn't wait 'till the limo was completely clear, you might wanna wash it twice or even thrice. (It's not too big a deal though, cuz any NaOH that makes it to the final phase will be converted to sodium acetate when you add vinegar, and sodium acetate seems to be harmless in small amounts. The ammo washing is mainly just for purity's sake and can actually be left out entirely without bad results… SWIM knows cuz he didn't do it the first time he came up with this recipe.) SWIM then drains the ammonia back into his base soup so any magick it pulls can be recovered on his next limo pull.
  7. Wash away any ammonia residue with 1ml tap water. This seems like a good idea cuz the next step is adding vinegar, which may react with ammonia to produce ammonium acetate, which we don't want (I'm really not sure about this, anyone who knows more than I do about what happens when you mix the two and whether it's dangerous or not, please chime in!). Again, drain the tap water wash back into your base soup to recover any magick it pulleth out.
    1. OPTIONAL: If you want smoke-able magick without resorting to petroleum, the best way SWIM has found so far is to add non-denatured lab-grade ethanol to the limo at this point. Some freebase magick will migrate to the ETOH which can then be evaporated and smoked (where legal). However this is not really cost effective, so he's still hoping to find a better way. But in the mean time, he's happy knowing it can be done.
  8. Add vine gar (vinegar) unto the limonene. Dunno how much is optimal yet, probly 100–200mL is good. Swish it around some… sometimes SWIM shaketh the hell out of it, which seems to make the gar a bit cloudier but the end result is still good. Other times he just swirls it around and then upends it while it's still swirling. Experiment to find your preferred method, but since emulsions aren't really a problem at this point it really doesn't seem to matter much, IMO.
  9. Drain off the vine gar into a baking dish and repeat step 8 once or twice more to pull all the magick out of the limo and into the gar. The baking dish, with the combined gar pulls, can then be placed under a phan fro evap-o-ration. SWIM has a glasstop stove, so he puts his ceramic dish on a burner on "low" with a huge fan pointing at it. Your final product is gonna be sticky and in salt form, so there's no danger of it evaporating or blowing away.
  10. Repeat steps 2–9 several times until no more magick is yielded (or so little that you decide it's not worth the trouble any more). You can recycle used limo indefinately. It might be a good idea to exhaust the base soup with used limo, then add some fresh limo for one last pull just to see if it gets anything that the recycled limo misses…


It's probably a good idea to evap each gar pull separately the first time you do this, so you can get a feel for how many pulls it takes to get all the magick out of your bark. Then, on future extractions of the same bark, you might wanna combine all your gar pulls and evap them all at once, just so that your end product is of a standardized quality.

Your final product will not be 100% pure alkaloid, but it will be close enough. Weigh it as if it were pure, you'll not notice a difference. Vine gar leaves a little residue behind for some reason, but it's not a big deal. Also some plant oils might make it across, but again this is negligible.

Scrape up the goo left over in your evap dish after the gar evaporates, and gelcap it. The best way to do this is to scrape some up onto the edge of a razor blade and then just run the empty gelcap along the side of the blade in such a way that all the goo goes into the gelcap. It's easy with a little practice. 200–300mg seems to be an average dose, eaten shortly after 200–300mg of harmaloid freebase extract (made using this TEK: )

As for the efficiency of this TEK, SWIM has already gotten several grams of product from 100g bark, and there's still more coming. Of course, being in salt form adds the weight of the acetate into the equation, but still… it's ridiculous what kind of yield he's getting with this stuff! If one really wanted to know, one could presumably exhaust the soup with limonene until it quit yielding anything, and then pull w/toluene to see if anything else could be recovered. SWIM was gonna try this at one point but he's already got so much from the limonene that he's not sure if he's ever gonna be able to bring himself to work with toluene again, since he's kinda gotten spoiled by how non-disgusting limonene is! Plus he really feels like petroleum pisses off the plant spirits or disrespects them somehow, though of course this is merely subjective hooey IMO

Experientially, you can expect a much more "holistic" experience than with smoked DMT. This seems to pull a full-spectrum alkaloidal extract, with n-n, "jungle," and something else that produces a really cool body high that feels awesome, like what MDMA should feel like, or like a ten billion X blue lotus extract or something. Of course different barks will give different bites