Nontoxic Freebase Spice Conversion

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Nontoxic Freebase Spice Conversion
Nontoxic Hasty Freebase Spice Conversion
Nontoxic Hasty Freebase Spice Conversion[1] Cog.png

This method is the most expedient and simplest method of freebase conversion.

Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:
  • Water
  • Evaporation Dish
  • Scraping Tools

  1. Mix DMT fumarate with an equal amount of sodium carbonate on the dish and moisten thoroughly.
  2. Allot adequate time and stirring for complete reaction.
    • the fumaric acid undergoes reaction with the base, effectively neutralizing the acid and freeing the product in its pure alkaloid form, or freebase.
  3. Spread the mixture evenly across the dish.
    • the product will have formed a non-polar oil, adhering to the dish.
  4. Add more water and carefully tilt across the dish, decant, and repeat until satisfied that all byproduct has been removed.
    • the less water used, the less potential loss of product
  5. Commence with manual crystallization procedure by firmly spreading the product across the dish until it thickens, then successively scraping and spreading the product until it thickens more, then spreading out and allowing to dry.
    • the product will take on a hard, dry clay-like consistency and can be molded in the desired size and form

Nontoxic STB Freebase Conversion of DMT
Nontoxic Freebase Conversion of DMT[2] Cog.png

Though completely nontoxic, this method is reportedly difficult for achieving a manageable product.

  1. Dissolve DMT fumarate completely in a small amount of water.
  2. Mix with a saturated solution of sodium carbonate until basic.
  3. Allow time for crystallization to occur.
  4. Collect and dry product thoroughly.
  5. Store in a cool, dark place in a sealed container, preferably protected from moisture and oxygen.

Manual Crystallization

Manual Crystallization[3] Cog.png
Freebase Chunks, Manually Crystallized
NOTE Information.png
This procedure can be performed with freebase spice simply by moistening with water to be used as a recrystallization procedure but is specifically intended to follow freebase conversion from fumarate.
  1. Use a razor blade to spread the oily product thinly and firmly across the dish in cross-hatched fashion.
  2. When the oil thickens to a pasty consistency, use a lab spatula repeatedly scrape up and and spread out the product until it thickens noticeably more.
  3. Spread the product thinly across the dish and allow to harden to a clay-like consistency.
  4. Scrape up and mold to the desired form and density to collected.
  5. Store in a cool, dark place in a sealed container, preferably protected from moisture and oxygen, and handle with care and sincerity.


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