DMT Fumarate to DMT Freebase

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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of DMT Fumarate to Freebase[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

Conversion of DMT fumarate to DMT freebase

Take 100mg DMT fumarate

note: this is the fumarate salt made from yellowish DMT, hence the yellowish colour to it

Add 10ml of tap water to dissolve the DMT fumarate

DMT fumarate dissolved in water

Add a solution of concentrated Na2CO3 to the water

  • The original creator cannot remember how much Na2CO3 was added to the water but "it was a lot".
  • The solution of concentrated Na2CO3 was added in the dissolved DMT fumarate solution using an eye dropper. The solution became basic, and the alkaloids crashed out as a cloud.
The solution gets cloudy

Let the solution settle for a few days

The next day, one can already notice the crystals forming inside the basified solution

Collect the crystals

The crystals have fallen to the bottom, they are ready for collection

From this point, one can simply

  • filter the solution through a coffee filter
  • retrieve the crystals by dissolving them in acetone
  • evaporate the acetone to get the freebase


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