DMT Fumarate

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DMT Fumarate

DMT Fumarate is a salt form of DMT that has 2 molecules of DMT and 1 molecule of Fumaric Acid.


  • DMT Fumarate melts at 152 C
  • DMT Fumarate is the only form approved for research by the FDA
  • Freebase DMT has a molecular weight of about 188.269. Fumaric acid has a molecular weight of 116.07. DMT fumarate has a molecular weight of about 492.608 (DMT + fumaric acid + DMT).


DMT fumarate is more water soluble, more stable, has a longer shelf life, is much easier to crystallize, has a higher melting point, is less waxy, and easier to form into a powder than freebase DMT. Because of these characteristics DMT fumarate is much preferred over freebase DMT. Freebase DMT has no benefits other than the fact that it is easily vaporized. link