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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of BLAB - The Big Leisurely A/B[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:
  • 450g(one pound) MHRB (powdered)
  • 473ml(16fl oz) bottle of 99% IPA. If one cant get IPA, there are alternative ways described below
  • 2.5 liters of water
  • 500ml of D-limonene (100ml per pull)
  • 5g of Fumaric acid (probably way more than enough). If one can't get fumaric acid, there are alternative ways described below
  • 250g Sodium hydroxide
  • 100g Sodium carbonate (only needed if you want a smokable product. For oral ingestion, no need)
  • 1 liter of 5% Vinegar. If one doesn't have fumaric acid, needs another 500ml of vinegar.
  • Pipette or Turkey Baster
  • 1 US Gallon (3.8L) Milk Jug(HDPE #2 plastic) or big glass container (e.g. a 4.5L demijohn)
  • Two 800ml(as close as you can) glass jars
  • One 100ml(also as close as you can get) glass jar
  • Safety goggles and gloves


So this is the next advancement in D-Limonene extraction teks. It was thought of for the Nexus by usweyoume. This tek is designed to use LITTLE space with lots of bark for HIGH yields. Nothing really more to say except this Tek was written while on the final material, pharma style ONTO THE TEK

The Process

Step One

Take your gallon jug and pour 1 liter of vinegar into it (no harm in using more if needed). Then add your pound of bark. Shake this hard to get it all mixed up. Then put it somewhere and let it sit for 3 days. There is yet no evidence that letting it soak for long in vinegar before adding lye will improve yields, nobody did a side-by-side test to know for sure. It certainly wont hurt, though, so if one is not in a hurry, it's recommended.

  • Alternatively, you can do a normal A/B acid boiling with 4x1hr boils and filtering the plant material (check other A/B teks in the wiki for more info). Some people prefer the above simple vinegar soak as above without filtering plant material, others think its cleaner to work with filtered acidic solution from step two onwards. .

Step Two

WEAR GLASSES. Add 500ml water to one of the large glass jars. Then slowly and carefully add 250g sodium hydroxide to it. Make sure this all gets absorbed into the water. Then after the lye water solution has cooled down, pour this into your gallon milk jug that has the vinegar and root bark in it. Then add around 1.75 liters of water to the jug to top it off(you want enough room at the top for 100ml of d-limonene). Now mix this together very well.

Step Three

Add 100ml of d-limonene to the gallon jug (or big glass jar) and mix it together. Don't shake it, just mix it end over end gently. Be careful to keep the cap on the jug. The first 2 pulls can be done in about 1-2 hours. After about an hour of mixing then separating and mixing and separating, pull as much of the d-limonene off the top as you can and put it into the other big glass jar. Do this again with another 100ml of d-limonene, mixing for an hour then pulling. The next three 100ml pulls will need to sit for a while longer to make sure you get all the dmt. Do at least one pull a day for three days. Mixing as often as you think about it. Add each pull to the dmt d-limonene jar.

Step Four

If you can find both fumaric acid and IPA, proceed to step 4A. If you can get fumaric acid but not IPA, proceed to step 4B. If you cannot get fumaric acid, proceed to step 4C

Step 4A

Take your small jar and put 5g fumaric acid in it and then fill the jar with your 99% IPA. Then mix this together until the IPA is completely saturated. The IPA will look clear, not cloudy. This creates Fumaric Acid Saturated IPA(FASI). Just let it stand for a couple of minutes, and you will have excess fumaric acid on the bottom, but that is fine. Decant your FASI away from the small jar away from the excess fumaric acid (you can filter it to make sure no undissolved fumaric acid will come across but if you decant carefully this is not needed), and into a new container (You could dry that fumaric acid that remained behind and save it to use in some future extraction).

Now SLOWLY pour your FASI into your jar of dmt saturated d-limonene. The slower the better. For best results add 10ml FASI every 5 minutes until you dont see any more cloud forming in the d-limonene. This will crash out your dmt from the d-limonene. Allow this to sit for at least 24 hours after you stop putting in FASI so that the DMT Fumarate can fully crash out. After 24 hours add another 1ml of FASI to make sure all dmt has precipitated out. After you collect the DMT fumarate from the jar, put the d-limonene back into the jar and let it sit for a few days. More DMT fumarate will precipitate over time. Proceed to step 5A

If you add the FASI slowly, after some hours you can get nice crystals precipitating like this

Step 4B

Take your small jar and fill with water. Add a teaspoon of fumaric acid and keep mixing strongly for a minute or two. If all the fumaric acid dissolved, add more and mix again. If there is an amount of undissolved excess fumaric acid on the bottom, you're done. This is your FASW (fumaric acid saturated water). Decant the FASW away from the excess fumaric acid, into a new container (the fumaric acid excess can be dried and used in a future extraction if you want).

Alternative way: dissolve 0.63g fumaric acid per 100ml hot water (no need to cool it down before use). You need at least 300ml for the tek. Distilled water is preferable.

Mix your limonene pull with some FASW. It can be in a proportion of 5:1, so if you have 100ml limo it can be around 20ml FASW (no need to be exact). Mix well, let the layers separate, and pull your FASW out (in case of emulsions, a hot water bath is very effective). No problem if there is still a bit of FASW you cant accurately pull off, just leave it there for the next pulls. Do this 3x and put your FASW pulls together. The limonene can be reused for more pulls on the mimosa if desired, or saved for use in future extraction. Proceed to step 5B

Step 4C

Mix your limonene pulls with vinegar in a 5:1 proportion (so if it was 100ml limonene, add around 20ml vinegar). No need to be exact. Pull out your vinegar away from the limonene. Do this for a total of 3x, and the limonene can now be reused for more pulls on your mimosa or saved for a future extraction. Proceed to step 5C

Step Five

If you followed 4A, go to 5A. If you followed 4B, go to 5B. If you followed 4C, go to 5C.

Step 5A

If the crystals are all stuck to the jar, pour off the d-limonene into another jar, leaving the crystals behind on the jar, and then turn the jar upside down on top of a plate so that the rest little bit of limonene drops off. Allow this to sit out until it dries a bit more. You can use a bit of heat and a fan to speed this process up. Now scrape up your JIMJAM fumarate. If the crystals are not stuck to the jar, pour off the limo through a coffee filter, and let your crystals dry. If there are no crystals but mostly a goo on the bottom, pour off as much limo away from it as possible, then add a bit of warm water to pick the goo up and let it evaporate on a dish on a hot plate or on your oven on low setting with the door open. In any of the cases, your JIMJAM fumarate will smell mildly of oranges. To get rid of orangy smell and extra d-limonene, you can put the dmt fumarate in around 20ml of water and then evaporate on a hotplate, which will help evaporate some of it, but possibly not all. Alternatively, you can also wash your JIMJAM fumarate with a cold IPA or cold acetone or FASI wash, or use any of the methods in this thread to clean it up. This isn't strictly necessary as limonene is not toxic but will clean it up if desired.

Then, Just let your product dry and you have a great product that can be consumed orally together with a MAOI. Dosages vary a lot from person to person, for some people 30mg of jimjam fumarate together with enough MAOI will be very strong, for others they may need 200mg for decent effects. Start on the low end specially the first tries. For achieving a smokable product, proceed to step six.

Note: If you want to reuse the limonene, you must wash it with pure water (basically do 3x water pulls in the limo, as the water will pick up any fumaric acid remains and specially the IPA that is now mixed with it, which would otherwise screw up your extraction if you poured the limo+ipa straight back into the mimosa mix)

If you add FASI too fast or if your limo is being reused already or in later pulls, its possible precipitation is a goo, such as this pic. Proceed as written above to retrieve the fumarates

Step 5B

Just put your FASW pulls on a glass dish on a hotplate to evaporate. If you dont have a hotplate you can put it on the oven with the door open and a fan turned towards it to speed up the process. Anything under 100 degrees celcius (212 farenheit) is a safe temperature to evap/dry it. When its done evapping, scrape up your product, and you have your DMT fumarate with possibly some unreacted fumaric acid. Since fumaric acid is not toxic and is food-safe, its no problem to have it, but it might make the dosage a bit off, needing more of the product for same effects. To remove unreacted fumaric acid, one can do a cold IPA wash which should dissolve none of the DMT fumarate but some of the fumaric acid. Alternatively one can do a simple water clean up, as described in: FASA_Alteration_of Final Purification. Your dmt fumarate is ready to be consumed orally together with a MAOI. If you want a smokable product, proceed to step six.

Note: if you don't intend to keep the DMT in fumarate form, complete evaporation is not necessary. Reduce the FASW to about 100ml, cool it down in the fridge, filter it with a coffee filter and you're good to go. Even if you don't intend reduce it, heating it to 100°C for a few minutes will get rid of any d-limonene.

Step 5C

Put your vinegar pulls on a glass dish on a hotplate to evaporate. If you dont have a hotplate you can put it on the oven with the door open and a fan turned towards it to speed up the process. 100 degrees celcius (212 farenheit) is a safe temperature to evap/dry it. This will leave you with sticky dmt acetate. This can be made into a tincture for oral consumption, or can be converted into a smokable product, as presented in step six.

DMT acetate is a goo, and the color can range from light tan to dark red/brown

Step Six

If you did steps 4-5A or B, proceed to the Step 6-Fumarates conversion. If you did step 4-5C, proceed to Step 6-Acetates conversion

Step 6-Fumarates conversion

To achieve a smokable product, you must convert your fumarate to freebase. To do this, make a small amount of saturated sodium carbonate solution by adding plenty of sodium carbonate to water until no more will dissolve (100ml water is more than enough, you'll probably need just a fraction of it). Decant your water away from any undissolved sodium carbonate. If you do this with warm water make sure to let the water cool and filter it, before using the sodium carb saturated solution to convert the fumarates as written below, so to prevent excess sodium carbonate from being in your final product.

Alternative way: dissolve 7g sodium carbonate per 100ml water. That'll guarantee that the end product will have minimal sodium carbonate contamination. Distilled water is preferable.

Put your dmt fumarate in another glass container. Add water slowly and mix well till it dissolves completely. Then add a small amount of the sodium carbonate saturated solution to the container with your dissolved dmt fumarate, and you'll see an immediate clouding (which is dmt freebase precipitating). Ideally you`ll add it as slow as possible, dropwise. Let it rest for some minutes, and add a bit more. Keep adding the sodium carbonate solution slowly (taking some pauses of a few minutes) until no more clouding or color changes occur, and add a bit more just for good measure. Doing it faster seems to result in a more impure product.

Put your container on the fridge for 5 days for your dmt crystals to precipitate completely. The exact time depends on the amount of DMT in the solution and the concentration but you'll know when it's done because the water will be clear. After its done, you can pour off the water through a coffee filter (just in case so that any floating crystals will be retrieved). Scrape up the dmt stuck to the container, and put it on a filter or a plate to finish drying. Now you have perfect DMT freebase achieved with non-toxic solvents :)

A small number of users report two potential problems: The first, that nothing precipitates even after a few days. This might have to do with the fumarate being very impure, or with too much water being used. If after 5 days the DMT hasnt crystallized, pull with a solvent like limonene and salt again. The second issue some people had is that excess sodium carbonate precipitates together, as large crystals. This happens mostly because people are using a warm sodium carb solution instead of letting it cool before using so there is too much sodium carb excess.. If that happens filter all the crystals/solids, break them up, and pull with acetone or IPA, which will pull the dmt but not the sodium carbonate. In any case if steps are done as described above, these problems should not happen.

Yet another option of converting fumarates to freebase is the type 3 method described here. It results in the same yield but a bit more impure-looking product (but its just looks, its equally active), and is less prone to errors.

On the left side is the dissolved fumarate. The right side is a sodium carbonate saturated solution. Only a small amount of this sodium carb solution is actually necessary
As soon as the sodium carbonate solution is added to the dissolved dmt fumarate, there is a precipitation. Stick it in the fridge for at least 3 days

After 3 days, the water is poured off (through a filter just in case), and these are the water precipitated DMT crystals
Which when scrapped together look like beautiful white flakes

Step 6-Acetates conversion

To achieve a smokable product, you must convert your acetates to freebase.

Add excess sodium carbonate to your dmt acetate goo. Add a bit of water to make a paste and mix well. Then dry the paste. Mash the chunks as it dries to make the process faster. Powderize the final product, put in a glass container and add IPA or acetone (both will work equally fine). Make sure your acetone or IPA are dry (99%+), otherwise they will pull sodium carbonate/sodium acetate along with the DMT. Mix well, let the powder settle and decant/pippete out the IPA or acetone, into a new container. Do this 3 or 4x. Evaporating this will yield you dmt freebase, but it is very possible that it wont crystalize and will remain as a goo (potentially because of presence of more dmt n-oxide formed when evaporating the acetates, or maybe vinegar pulls more plant oils from limonene than when doing fumaric acid pulls? who knows... ). Instead of evaporating by itself, you can evaporate it in a container with some herbs to make 'enhanced leaf' or changa. The ideal ratio of herbs:dmt is around 1:1. But since you dont know how much there is because you havent weighed the goo, you can make an estimate. If you put all the pulls from your mimosa extraction together, made it all into acetates and converted, then calculate around 1% of mimosa weight in DMT, and add this in herbs to your evaporating dmt-ladden IPA or acetone. It will quite possibly be quite more DMT than 1%, but it is better that its a strong (and maybe sticky) changa than a weak changa, because a strong changa you can always just add more IPA/acetone to the whole thing to redissolve the dmt and add more herbs. On the other hand, weak changa you wont be able to add dmt (unless you make another extraction). Weigh your infused herbs after they are dry, subtract by how much was the weigh of your un-infused leaves, and you'll know exactly how much dmt you have. You are ready to launch :)

After adding sodium carbonate to the goo, making paste and drying, you are left with some chunky material. Pound it and keep drying until its completely dry
Add your dried and powdered sodium carb/dmt acetate to a container and pull with IPA or Acetone. Both were tested, and they work equally well, so you can use either one

If you evap the pulls from the acetate conversion, it is possible they wont crystalize/dry and will remain as this beautiful goo. You can try, as some people have claimed their conversion did harden, for others it remained as such
Redissolve the goo in IPA/acetone if you evapped it, or straight away evaporate your IPA/Acetone onto some herbs for making enhanced leaf/changa


  1. BLAB - The Big Leisurely A/B[1]