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Note error.png Note: This page tracks the development of Amor fati's Guide to Juremala.[1] The content is to remain accurate as such.

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Juremala refers to a character and method of administration of spice, unique to that extracted from jurema, in which jurema extract is used in conjunction with harmaloids to achieve a duration of psychedelia. Most commonly, harmaloids may be administered sublingually to potentiate the effects of inspirated spice vapor or else orally to mimic the traditional methods of administering ayahuasca brews; however, the use of purified substances is a far-cry from crude traditional preparations, and so in achieving a more effective means of administration, alternative routes are available. One such route is sublingual administration, and while notoriously difficult, a few considerations and a bit of experience may help to enhance the consistency and effectiveness of this route well beyond what is possible by oral means.

One of the first considerations that may lead one to practice sublingual administration in lew of oral is that of the digestive tract. As one of the most reliably inconsistent factors in achieving or failing to achieve the desired effects of such administration, it may reasonably be subtracted when the goal is simply to absorb juremala into the bloodstream. It's often found with oral administration that capsules, time gaps between the spice and harmaloid dosage, over-dilution, improper acidification, irritation, and diet can negatively impact the consistency and quality of effects, so the best is often to mix the substances in salt form into a shot and take it all at once. One theory regarding the apparent effectiveness of this method is that a good portion of the substances is absorbed on the way down with the rest absorbed shortly thereafter, meaning that the stomach and intestines may not be the chief locations for absorption. This theory may also account for reports of the experience coming on in waves, rather than all at once.

For a preparation with goal of expedited pre-digestive absorption in mind, a small volume tincture utilizing absorption-promoting substances is ideal. Also, considering that the absorption will be far more localized than that of a brew-like preparation, the dosage may be greatly reduced to achieve effects of like magnitude. The advantages of such an end-result are multifarious, and with the consideration of further reducing the amount of spice needed, one may actually remove the more pure substances from a more full-range extract of jurema and set aside for other means of administration, leaving the analogous substances for sublingual use. In fact, reports indicate that it may be the analogs that most readily absorb through the oral mucosa, sublingual or otherwise.

Production of Spice Tinctures

For Spice Acetate:

  1. Add ~74mg/mL full-range freebase to the intended dropper bottle.
  2. Dissolve in distilled white vinegar (5% acetic acid), converting to an acetate salt, by shaking vigorously and submerging in a hot-water bath.
  3. Evaporate contents in a food-dehydrator at a temperature below 39°C, with the opened bottle stabilized as close to the fan as possible.
  4. Refill with either vinegar (ensuring a pH of 4, at most) or 50% glycerin/water in order to preserve the contents to prevent spoiling and as a tincture of known concentration.

For Spice Fumarate:

  1. Add ~86mg/mL full-range water-purified fumarates to the intended dropper bottle.
  2. Dissolve in 50% glycerin/water, by shaking vigorously and submerging in a hot-water bath.
  3. The resulting tincture will be ~66mg/mL of DMT and ~2.3mg/drop.

Dosage Character, Amounts and Ratios

It is often found that dosage are easier to measure and administer in the form of a tincture, whereby the number of drops can determine the amounts administered by the known concentration of the tincture.

  • 30mg-40mg worth of full alkaloid spice acetate or fumarate, dry or in a concentrated tincture.
  • >40mg THH to activate sublingual spice, 15mg-30mg to potentiate vaporized spice.
  • 1:1-1:2 of spice to total harmaloids administered to activate sublingual spice.
  • Less harmaloids necessary with use of stronger RIMA's like harmaline.

Maximizing Absorption by the Oral Mucosa

For powders and tinctures alike, it is necessary to maximize surface area contact while minimizing dilution by saliva. The most common manner of sublingual administration is to leave the powder in a pile or the tincture in a puddle and wait (often in some degree of agony) for 5min. while saliva continues to build, but this is unnecessary and inefficient. Spreading the agent as much as possible upon sublingual application will help to reduce burn common in the case of tinctures and to increase surface area contact. Following application, it is best to rapidly spread the agent with the bottom of the tongue to further maximize contact between the agent and the mucous membrane. Saliva must not be allowed to accumulate during administration, as so to avoid this, one should swallow any saliva before it has a chance to accumulate and do so as rapidly as possible. While swallowing the tincture or powder should be avoided as much as possible, with a reduced level of saliva in the mouth, any amount of the active agent that does make it into the throat (oropharynx) will absorb in that portion of the oral mucosa before ever reaching the rest of the digestive track.

  1. Apply thinly to reduce burn and increase surface area contact.
  2. Spread rapidly with the bottom of the tongue to maximize surface area contact and hasten absorption.
  3. Prevent dilution by taking measures to keep the mouth as dry as possible.
    • dilution will result in hampering the contact between the active agent and the mucous membrane, as well as possibly washing it too far into the digestive tract to contribute significantly to the effects of mucosahuasca.
  • To guarantee maximized effectiveness of administration, one should refrain from drinking any fluids too soon after administration.
  • Tinctures should be applied in minimal sets of ~5-6 drops, but each set should be administered as rapidly as possible with the total dosage being administered within 1-2min.


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