STB Freebase Conversion of DMT

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STB Conversion

This conversion is simplistic in that it almost exactly resembles the methods used in STB Techniques, though it is significantly simpler in that it involves less material, fewer impurities, and does not require a strong base.

Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:
  • Household Base:

Procedure for STB Freebase Conversion of DMT:

  1. Dissolve DMT Fumarate in an adequate amount of water.
    • No reaction occurs at this point.
  2. Add a concentrated solution of weak base until total precipitation is observed by the cloudiness of the solution.
    • The fumaric acid undergoes reaction with the base, effectively neutralizing the acid and freeing the product in its pure alkaloid form, or freebase.
  3. Stir in NPS thoroughly and allow to separate from the aqueous solution.
    • The more contact allotted between the product and the NPS, the greater the saturation.
  4. Collect the top layer of NPS, being careful not to allow any aqueous contamination.
    • Aqueous contamination may result in an impure product or may disrupt subsequent crystallization.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 with fresh or unsaturated NPS until the aqueous solution is exhausted to satisfaction.
    • Three washes is generally considered sufficient.
  6. See Crystallization in order to render crystalline freebase product.