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Note error.png Note: This is a project page for organizing the efforts of the The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties [CEL] -- please edit in regard and accordance with The CEL Action Hub and any pertinent discussion found on the associated subforum.

Project To Do List For The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberty:

Prove that we have staying power, We are only as successful as your willingness to work. :)


+ We need a name: C.E.L. - Coalition for Entheogenic Liberty

+ Mission Statement [here]

+ Human Resources page of our skills

+ Organization webpage, ie "CEL.org"

+ State our positions on issues!

+ Communicate and Organize Ourselves- Writing Group, Science Group, Art Group, Tech Group, Media Group, Coordination Group, and of course everyone may flow!

+ Logo

+ Find psychedelic friendly lawyers

+ Who to collaborate with?

What are simple ways we can start communicating with the public?

Writing projects:

+ Simple Filer/ cards

+ Newsletter/webzine

+ Translations! (Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc)

Psychedelic Art shop: Spandres http://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=9912

Media & Public Relations:

+ Grassroots networking

+ Response Team

+ Facebook page (???)

+ Documentaries, video clips

Science Group:

+ Develop a workable Phalaris/Arundo tek to extract DMT and ideally also bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT

+ Create a meta-analysis of the constituents of Datura stramonium and Datura inoxia, and look at possible differences in the alkaloid make-up according to age.