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Note error.png Note: This is a project page for organizing the efforts of the The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties [CEL] -- please edit in regard and accordance with The CEL Action Hub and any pertinent discussion found on the associated subforum.

Organization of CEL

These Leadership Groups are free flowing and fundamentally collaborative. Impose on anyone as work is needed!

Please Add/Remove yourself where desired! THESE PLACEMENTS ARE ONLY GUESSES

Distilled from this thread AND this thread

We must boldly act with collaborative independence if we are to succeed. Expect PMs.  :p

Coordination Group (declare your operational specialty):

The Traveler (process owner), amor_fati (operations officer), obliguhl, Shpongle, Kartikay, polytrip, Acolyte (systems innovator, Human Resources), SnozzleBerry, foreversearching, ms_manic_minxx (eBook), metta (eBook), ?

Art & Graphic Design Group:

The Traveler, ohayoco, Espiridion,

Technical Group:

The Traveler

Public Organization & Media Group:

nadir, amor_fati, killuminati420, ambi-lysergance, Mendblade, SnozzleBerry, clouds, ragabr, foreversearching, Dimitrius

Media SubGroup: 88, biopsylo

Science Group/Innovators: