Drytek Freebase Conversion of DMT

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Drytek Conversion

This conversion is preferred for it's lack of need for separatory methods and for it's notably dry quality which facilitates the use of acetone. This method of conversion evolved out of the FASA method and is characteristically identical to Drytek extraction.

Drytek Freebase Conversion of DMT Cog.png

This method is the most common way to achieve a usable freebase product. Though it is advisable to keep everything completely free of moisture in this process, impurities carried through by moisture are not dangerous and merely effect weight.

Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:

  1. Mix DMT fumarate with an equal amount of sodium carbonate and moisten thoroughly.
  2. Allot adequate time and stirring for complete reaction.
    • the fumaric acid undergoes reaction with the base, effectively neutralizing the acid and freeing the product in its pure alkaloid form, or freebase.
  3. Mix in anhydrous magnesium sulfate until material is thoroughly dry.
    • the magnesium sulfate acts as a desiccant and helps to prevent moisture contamination of the acetone.
  4. Add an excess of anhydrous acetone to completely submerge material and allot adequate time and stirring for dissolution.
    • the more contact allotted between the product and the acetone, the greater the saturation.
  5. Decant acetone into an evaporation dish and evaporate in a dry space, allowing crystal formations to cover most of the dish.
  6. The resulting product will be of a waxy consistency when scraped up.
  7. Continue to pull with acetone until material is apparently exhausted.
  8. Store in a cool, dark place in a sealed container, preferably protected from moisture and oxygen.