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17:39:40 ‹Traveler› But yeterday just before sleep had somegreat ideas about programming a #D environment. 
15/07/2009 17:39:46 ‹Traveler› 3D 
15/07/2009 17:39:47 ‹mattimus› nice 
15/07/2009 17:39:58 ‹Traveler› How to set those up and such. 
15/07/2009 17:40:04 ‹Traveler› Using XML to define the spaces/. 
15/07/2009 17:40:05 ‹mattimus› awesome 
15/07/2009 17:40:19 ‹mattimus› hopefully me and jorkest will chat a bit 
15/07/2009 17:40:23 ‹mattimus› and ill write some stuff down 
15/07/2009 17:40:26 ‹Traveler› I have to work on that a little but I think some rudimentary 3DD isn't that hard at all. 
15/07/2009 17:41:32 ‹Traveler› First thing is to just work on squares. Just one. To have it move in perfect 3D with all calculations. 
15/07/2009 17:41:36 ‹Traveler› Then gradually add more. 
15/07/2009 17:41:44 ‹Traveler› Have the zindex right and such. 
15/07/2009 17:42:00 ‹mattimus› yea, awesome 
15/07/2009 17:42:02 ‹Traveler› Yah, it would be cool that you can Jorkest chat about that. 
15/07/2009 17:42:30 ‹Traveler› What I want to do with the 3D stuff is that everyone  can (re)create their own experience and by that create 'spaces'. 
15/07/2009 17:42:34 ‹mattimus› kungpow too 
15/07/2009 17:42:49 ‹Traveler› Those 'spaces' are 3D rooms whre you can put in all the effects you like. 
15/07/2009 17:42:52 ‹Traveler› Also sounds etc. 
15/07/2009 17:42:57 ‹mattimus› yea, we need to brainstorm an good interface 
15/07/2009 17:42:59 ‹Traveler› For sounds I like to create effects too. 
15/07/2009 17:43:01 ‹mattimus› for making them 
15/07/2009 17:43:08 ‹Traveler› Like echo and stutter. 
15/07/2009 17:43:14 ‹mattimus› is it going to be like what u have now? 
15/07/2009 17:43:19 ‹Traveler› Yah, the interfact will be very important. 
15/07/2009 17:43:22 ‹Traveler› Since it will be powerful. 
15/07/2009 17:43:31 ‹Traveler› Better then whaty I have now. 
15/07/2009 17:43:51 ‹Traveler› The effects you get when clicking on an image you can apply on the walls of the 3D space. 
15/07/2009 17:44:06 ‹Traveler› Make trigger and timelines., 
15/07/2009 17:44:07 ‹mattimus› sweet 
15/07/2009 17:44:15 ‹mattimus› we should think of some transition things too 
15/07/2009 17:44:19 ‹Traveler› With a trigger you can trigger effects at certain moment. 
15/07/2009 17:44:22 ‹mattimus› where the image expands the whole page 
15/07/2009 17:44:25 ‹mattimus› or something 
15/07/2009 17:44:27 ‹Traveler› And then a timeline is triggered. 
15/07/2009 17:44:32 ‹mattimus› nice 
15/07/2009 17:44:42 ‹Traveler› With a timeline you can setup several effects that will happen. 
15/07/2009 17:44:56 ‹mattimus› great 
15/07/2009 17:44:56 ‹Traveler› So you put on the timeline your music, sound effects and visual effects. 
15/07/2009 17:45:09 ‹Traveler› So those are the basic objects we have to work on. 
15/07/2009 17:45:22 ‹Traveler› And yes, withthe timeline you can make trasitions. 
15/07/2009 17:45:37 ‹mattimus› is file upload stuff possible in silverlight 
15/07/2009 17:45:37 ‹mattimus› ? 
15/07/2009 17:45:46 ‹mattimus› or will we need an asp/php equivalent 
15/07/2009 17:45:46 ‹Traveler› So put a movie on the timeline to apply to a wall, then make a transition to the other movie or effect. 
15/07/2009 17:45:56 ‹Traveler› Yeah,. upload is much better in silverlight as in HTML. 
15/07/2009 17:46:02 ‹mattimus› sweet 
15/07/2009 17:46:02 ‹Traveler› Multi upload is standard. 
15/07/2009 17:46:32 ‹Traveler› The uploaded objects (can be sound, image and movie) you can put on timelines. 
15/07/2009 17:46:40 ‹Traveler› And the timelines can be triggered by several events. 
15/07/2009 17:46:46 ‹Traveler› We have top define the events though. 
15/07/2009 17:46:48 * kk33v joins Hyperspace Chat 
15/07/2009 17:46:54 ‹Traveler› That can trigger timelines. 
15/07/2009 17:46:58 ‹Traveler› Hello kk33v 
15/07/2009 17:47:07 ‹mattimus› yea, sounds pretty cool though 
15/07/2009 17:47:10 ‹Traveler› (I have to place this on tjhe wiki what I just said,.  
15/07/2009 17:47:13 ‹mattimus› we should be able to get a nice range of effects 
15/07/2009 17:47:24 ‹Traveler› Yup, we now have several we can apply. 
15/07/2009 17:47:34 ‹Traveler› And how fast we like them. 
15/07/2009 17:47:47 ‹Traveler› Also, on a timeline you can create new tirggers. 
15/07/2009 17:47:54 ‹Traveler› So reuse other timeslines. 
15/07/2009 17:48:21 ‹Traveler› It will be OO experience reports.  
15/07/2009 17:48:52 ‹Traveler› Maybe I make a nice drawing of his all.