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It’s in everything. BUT, the fact? Is. IT IS EVERYTHING. Not a gate. but a bloodline. A dustline would be more. I’m home. Us. We. Love. Peace ✌️ ☮️ we must be. In order to travel. No “fossils fuel ⛽️ needed “ its more than our feeble minds can fathom by a leap AND a bound. So grateful. This can not be wrong. Only right. We are here. And we are there. We will never find another planet like ours because we are looking in mirrors. You cannot recognize your reflection as something different. Only as recognizable shapes. You must compare. Like all music. You hear something new and IMMEDIATELY you compare to something you understand or know or THINK you know. Welcome 🙏 home 🏡 Zoey. I’m sorry you’ve been away so long. Your residence was here for so long before you where forced into adoption by money 💰. Things. Stuff. I’ll be back ASAP. Love you 😘