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Puck, I'm not so sure that your latest edition to The Machine is so accurate and perhaps purports personal preference more-so than comprehensive analysis? If it is a far better method than the alternatives, please offer the reasoning behind that. I'm certain that most on the Nexus still maintain a variety of methods that they all consider better than the alternatives, and so it's important to represent this on the wiki with as little preferential language as possible--foregoing terms like 'best' or phrases like 'hands down.'

Also, as I said regarding pharmahuasca in the handbook, It's important to avoid specifics, as they are generally quite debatable. Specifics such as the use of capsules are incredibly debatable, as many have had problems getting capsules to work properly. It would be beneficial to mention the possibility of using capsules but to acknowledge that it can result in a botched dose according to common testimony. For dosages, it would be best to give a dosage range, for example.

The most sustainable goal for the wiki is to be comprehensive while open-ended, relying on the forum or actual teks for specifics. As the handbook is particularly meant to be a companion and product of the wiki, it's main job is to give the reader a frame of reference so that they can absorb the legacy of the nexus with little searching. Then they'd know what specifics to search for or to ask on the forums with less confusion.

You make some excellent contributions to the wiki, but it would be helpful if we could come to an understanding regarding these few items. I'll be working on the wiki quite a bit for the next month, so I may edit quite ruthlessly (not just yours and others, but my own older entries as well) in the process of completing the first edition of the handbook to be converted to pdf and released. I'm actually going to be using a good deal of transclusion between other pages (such as "The Machine") and the handbook to avoid inconsistencies.

Anyway, just a heads up, I hope I'm not stepping on toes too much.

--amor_fati 22:34, 15 December 2009 (UTC)