The Wanderer's Tek

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First things first. Performing this procedure is illegal in most countries. I do not advocate performing it where illegal and I do not perform it myself where illegal. The intent of this tek is to simplify the extraction procedure as much as possible and make it doable for the average person over a few days. While I think that I have researched a good tek, it does not mean that one does not have to do their homework. You should read a few teks before deciding on one and research the chemicals and procedures that you will be using. I don’t give instructions for decanting, siphoning, and filtering, for example, because I assume that you have educated yourself on these simple procedures and that I don’t have to clutter up my tek with them. You should treat this procedure as a starting point from which it is up to you to discover the best way to proceed based upon the materials and equipment available to you.

Any input on this tek would be awesome! Would it be possible to do extra xylene washes after the naphtha extractions and combine that with the xylene from the defat and evap off to create jungle spice (possibly to refine)?

The Wanderer’s Tek

Hypothesis Greater bulk at step 7 will allow for the extraction of more contaminants later on.

Materials: Coffee Filters Cling Wrap Cotton Balls Crock Pot Funnel Mason Jar – Pint Mason Jars – Quart (5) Mesh Strainer Pipettes pH Test Strips Polyfill Polypropylene Pitchers – 5,000ml Polypropylene Jug – 5,000ml with cap on top and stopcock Separatory Funnel – 500ml Turkey Baster

Chemicals: Activated Carbon Pellets Distilled Water Ground Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Heptane Hydrochloric Acid Sodium Carbonate Sodium Hydroxide – Food Grade VM&P Naphtha Xylene

Cleanliness is close to godliness! Clean everything before starting and clean every utensil after use unless otherwise noted. Prep: Fill the crockpot with water til it comes about half way up the side of a pint jar. Turn it on low and place a washcloth in the bottom.

Step 1: Extraction Place 500ml of distilled water into a pitcher. Microwave water and pull it out as soon as it starts to simmer. Add a couple drops of hydrochloric acid to the pitcher. It only takes a few drops to get the pH down to 4. Test with pH strips to ensure proper acidity. Place ground MHRB in the pint Mason jar and add acidified water solution. Just enough to cover the bark, 300ml should be good. Put on the lid and shake the contents vigorously. Remove the lid and place the jar in the crockpot. Cover with cling wrap (poke a few small vent holes) and allow contents to soak for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Filter out ground MHRB using coffee filters and mesh strainer (may require multiple filters; pour slowly). Place in Quart Mason Jar Repeat 2x, almost filling the jar. Use the original plant matter and making sure to get all the plant material off of the used filters.

Repeat Step 1 five times, resulting in 5 almost full quart Mason jars. Place the jars in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, separately filter out the slug that clumped together in the bottom of each jar

Step 2: Defatting Fill a sauce pan with water up to half way up the side of the pint jar. Boil the water and once boiling, turn off the stove and carefully take the pan outside. OUTSIDE put 300ml of Xylene in the pint jar and set it in the hot water for a couple minutes. Once the xylene is warm, add one filtered quart Mason jar and the warm xylene to the 5 liter polypropylene jug. Make sure all holes are well sealed and carefully turn end over end for 5 minutes. After you have sufficiently mixed the contents, let it sit still until there is a distinct separation between the xylene and the extract. This could take up to several hours sometimes. To speed up the process try running hot water like in a shower or sink if it's big enough, over your jug and allow the mixture to sit for a few more minutes. This should get the separation to work. Make sure none of the water gets into the jug. You will also need to allow air to escape from the container. I usually put a piece of cling wrap on the top with a couple small holes punched in it. This allows venting without evaporation. Once clear separation is achieved, drain the extraction into one of the pitchers and cut it off once it gets close to the xylene. Drain the rest into the separatory funnel and drain off last of the extract. Discard the used xylene. Defat each jar 3 times.

Step 3: Basifying You will need to prepare a base solution by taking 400ml of distilled water and adding lye to it. Lye is a very volatile material so be very careful with it. Add very small amounts of lye to the water and stir it well. Test the pH often. You are aiming for a pH of 13. Use a 5L pitcher Slowly add the base solution to the other pitcher with the extract. Do so in small quantities. Very slowly and while stirring the extraction. You will notice that the liquid will become gray in color and will eventually turn black, this is normal. Check the pH of your extraction. You are trying to reach a pH level of 12. Keep adding the lye water to the extraction until you reach this pH, but stir well to ensure an accurate measurement. Once you have gotten a pH level of 12-12.5, pour into the 5L jug and you will need to shake the container by turning end over end. Every couple of seconds stop and release the air that has built up. The extraction will now look like a thick black tarlike liquid. Double-check the pH level of your liquid and make sure the pH level is over 12. You have now completed the basifying procedure.

Step 4: Extracting the DMT Place 150 ml of warm naphtha into the Jug. Tape the cap down and mix the liquids by turning the funnel end over end. Release the bottom valve every few seconds to let off any built up vapor. You need to make sure the liquids are thoroughly mixed and that the naphtha has come in contact with all of the extract. At this point the DMT is making a move from the extraction to the naphtha. After stirring well allow the funnel to separate until you can see 2 distinct layers. On top will be the naphtha that now contains the DMT. On the bottom will be your basified extract. Usually it takes some time before the liquids separate completely and a definite line can be seen between the two. You can help this process along by doing a hot bath. Place the funnel into the sink or shower and run hot water over it for about 10 minutes. Then allow the funnel to sit for a while and you should get a good separation. If not reheat the funnel again and perform the same procedure. You will now need to drain off the extraction into a pitcher, stop right before you reach the naphtha. Drain the rest into the separatory funnel drain off the last of the extraction. Store naphtha in quart jar till other extractions are done. Repeat with another 150ml then with 100ml

Step 5: Washing Begin by taking about 50 ml of Distilled water and placing it into a flask and adding sodium carbonate to it. Just add a pinch to the water. It doesn't take much. You will only be using this mixture for the first wash. Do not use it for the second and third washes. Put around 35ml of the sodium carbonated water. Mix the 2 together and then place them in a seperatory funnel. Shake the hell out of it this is the only mixing step where the liquids separate almost immediately so no worries about too much agitation. Separate the water from the naphtha and discard the water. For the second and third washes you want to use only distilled water nothing should be added. 35ml per wash is sufficient. Perform the same procedure as above. You should not leave the water in the naphtha for too long.

Place naphtha into airtight container (mason pint jar) and place in the freezer. Repeat steps 3-5 for each jar. You should now have 5 jars freeze separating in the freezer.

Step 6: Freeze Separation After 24 hours in the freezer you can remove the container. Then use a metal object to break the crystals from the side of the container. You must keep the fluid cold as possible. If it begins to warm place it back into the freezer (possibly work around dry ice in a cooler). Once you have filtered all of the solvent you can scrape the DMT off the filter paper. If you want you can allow the paper to dry this makes the crystals easier to remove. Place the solvent back into the freezer for 24 hours and see if any more crystals will fall out. If so repeat the separation process. Store collected DMT from all batches and combine in a flask.

Step 7: Solvent Wash Warm 400ml of naphtha in a flask and the flask with the DMT in a crockpot like before. Naphtha needs to be warm to the touch Slowly add warm naphtha to the DMT. Swirl the flask, don’t stir. Keep adding warm naphtha til all DMT is dissolved and then add just a little more. Let the flask sit in the crockpot for a minute while basified junk builds up on the bottom. After a minute or two pour off the naphtha being careful to leave the buildup behind. Add another 50ml or so, swirl, then heat bathe for 2 minutes. Add this naphtha to the first wash. Evaporate off naphtha and recollect crystals. Repeat except evap

Step 8: Carbon Wash Mix just a little of activated carbon to the headed naphtha extract and swirl flask to mix. Heat in crockpot for about 5 minutes then filter through polyfill stuffed funnel. Run 20ml fresh hot solvent over the filter to get any leftover DMT. Refilter if any carbon passes through and repeat wash if color persists. Evaporate off naphtha

Step 9: Recrystallization Using the crockpot, heat 20-30ml of heptane per gram of DMT in a flask til warm to touch. Place DMT in separatory funnel Using a pipette, slowly add headed heptane to the DMT til it all dissolves. Swirl, don’t stir. Drain off yellow/orange goo into small flask. Quickly filter clear heptane through a funnel stuffed with a cotton ball into a small jar Add more headed heptane to the goo (roughly 1/5th of the original amount) and swirl. Drain off goo again and filter the last of the clear heptane through the funnel. Cover the jar with clear heptane in clear shrink wrap and poke a couple vent holes in it. Set this in the hot crockpot water and turn the crockpot off. Once the water reaches room temp, remove the wrap, place the lid on the jar, and set it in the fridge for 4 hours, swirl multiple times then put in the freezer for 4 hours. Remove from the freezer, swirl for a minute, place in the fridge for 4 hours and lower the temp in the freezer Remove from the fridge and place in the freezer once again. Continue rotation until happy with crystals, filter, and evap heptane Combine finished crystals and enjoy.