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"In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move" - Douglas Adams


The beginning of the DMT-Nexus however was one of an urgent need. The DMT-World website had just disappeared and one person called BlackClo thought it was needed to fill the void with a new website dedicated to DMT, this became the DMT-Nexus. The site was hosted at (now defunct).


One day, The Traveler came home from the pub with just one, nagging, thought in his mind: "Is this all there is? There must be more and I need to find it!". With this trivial mind-bubblegum set that he was chewing he knew he had to change things. The Traveler had heard of this strange substance called DMT and HE HAD to know more about it, the time had come to get involved.

So began The Travelers search for the spirit molecule.


When The Traveler first came to the then DMT-Nexus it was still very small and there were barely people posting. Five posts a week could be considered as a good week. Wink The person running the site was a modest man with his heart in the right place, once you read his posts you knew he was something special.

The Traveler read all the info on the forum, asked some questions and started his DMT journeys.

However, after a few months it was clear that the DMT-Nexus was growing and that a lot of people were reading the forum. The monthly limit of available bandwidth was steadily reached faster and faster, up till the moment it was not viable anymore. This was the moment that The Traveler offered to Blackclo to host the DMT-Nexus on his own server, plenty of bandwidth there. Blackclo happily agreed and the whole site was moved. This was also the time The Traveler registered the domain.


After the movement of the site to a new server the DMT-Nexus had all the space to grow and so it did. While the DMT-Nexus was growing steadily Blackclo got more and more concerned about the DMT-Nexus and if he was doing the right thing with a site like this. This reached its climax when Blackclo told The Traveler he wanted to stop with the DMT-Nexus.

As The Traveler told Blackclo before, the site was completely his and he would comply with all his wishes, even closing it, changing it completely or handing it over. The Traveler asked him one thing however: He asked if he could keep the forum since it was his sincere thought that it would be a terrible thing to waste. At first he wasn't sure about handing the forum to The Traveler but later on he agreed that this would be best. What also changed was that he decided to create his own, new, website and that The Traveler could keep the DMT-Nexus domain.

This was the start of The Travelel as the administrator of the DMT-Nexus.


Since then the DMT-Nexus has changed a lot. The pages behind the front page changed, a Wiki was added, the forum got cleaned up and got many new subfora, the focus was shifted from DMT only to also include other entheogens, projects were started like the Hyperspace Lexicon and the Enigmaticus, an Attitude and FAQ were included and as the latest great addition a chat function was included.


The DMT-Nexus will continue increasing and spreading it's knowledge of DMT and other entheogens. New DMT-Nexus Projects will be added soon, watch this space.