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As a quick suggestion: We may want to limit the handbook to MHRB, Chacruna, and Chaliponga in terms of commonly used botanics.--amor_fati 06:19, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

The Handbook Transclusion Project

Among the biggest current and potential problems for the handbook are inconsistency and clutter, so I propose using transclusion to solve these issues, much in the same way I've been using it for botanicals. I will start with a simple topic like The Machine, prep its individual page for transclusion, delete the section for it in the handbook, and replace it with a transclusion. Beyond that, I will work on pages for broader topics like Straight-To-Base Extraction and so forth. Eventually, nearly every part of the handbook will be a transclusion from a separate page and will enable the consolidation of all information regarding each individual topic.

--amor_fati 16:08, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

A neat trick for allowing users to edit a transcluded section directly from the handbook page is to include the handbook's section heading in the topic's particular page, rather than to put it above the transclusion in the handbook's page.--amor_fati 21:32, 22 December 2009 (UTC)

Recrystallization Section

I heard tell of some people who found that if you get DMT freebase and dissolve it in acetone - it is very VERY soluble (like several grams per ml) then add a bunch of naptha. By putting a certain ratio, something like 3:1 naptha to acetone or so, it can then be left to sit and evaporate and the vapor pressure of the acetone being so much higher than naptha it disappears faster than the naptha in which at room temperature DMT is only sparingly soluble. The DMT then crystallises.

This is a type of dual solvent system in which two different boiling point solvents that are miscible with a fairly wide difference in boiling point, as it evaporates one solvent diminishes in proportion. Low boiling solvent should be good at dissolving what you want, higher boiling solvent is really not very good at all. The rate of decreasing the solubility can be controlled by covering or nearly sealing the container. Supersaturated naptha can grow bigger crystals via slow evaporation too, but acetone gives you more control by having a different solvent with a very different solubility.