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THH Zinc Reduction


Purpose of this conversion Tek is to convert harmaline to THH via zinc reduction. Using zinc to react with vinegar, hydrogen atoms form and are donated to the harmaline to form Tetrahydroharmine.


-10g Harmaline

-400ml of Vinegar

-4g Zinc (metal) Dust

-10% Ammonia

-Coffee or lab filters

-Stirring utensil (strongly suggest a magnetic stirrer)

Detailed Process

-Using a glass receptacle, place 10g of Harmaline in 400ml of vinegar stir until dissolved.

-Add 4g of Zinc dust leave on magnetic stirrer until the zinc reaction has completed and no more hydrogen bubbles are forming (this will take a number of hours).

-Using a coffee filter, filter out any left over zinc metal.

-Add ammonia to the vinegar solution until a PH of 9.5. Tetrahydroharmine should crash out of the solution.

-Filter and dry the THH.


Fine Magnesium ribbon can be used in the place of zinc dust

Confirmation of THH conversion

Using Marquis reagent THH should form a green color reaction.

Marquis harmala.jpeg

Harmaline Vs THH. Photo courtesy of Merkin

Future concepts (untested)

4685 2b0909e8-9501-4209-b338-55bbad14ba59 harmaline oxidoreduction.jpg

Harmaline reduction could be possible via ascorbic acid or hydrogen peroxide reactions. Graphics courtesy of Downwardsfromzero.