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Brief overview - What is Salvinorin?

Salvinorin A is a powerful K-opioid receptor agonist.Salvia divinorum a salvinorin A containing plant also known as the "Diviners Sage" is the most widely used plant to ingest salvinorin A.

Chemical and physical properties


When salvinorin A is absorbed through the oral mucosa the first effects are usually experienced in 5-10 min. The strength of the effects builds very quickly over a few minutes, maintaining a plateau for about 1 h. The effects gradually subside over another l-h period. The evolution of effects over time is identical to that of orally ingested S. divinorum leaves.

When salvinorin A is vaporized and inhaled the full effects are experienced in about 30 s. There is almost no transition period experienced. The strongest effects last 5-10 min and then gradually subside over about 20-30 min. As dosage increases above 1 mg the duration of the effects are somewhat increased. A similar evolution of effects is reported for smoked S. divinorum leaves.

The oral mucosa apparently acts as a time release buffer, slowly diffusing salvinorin A into the blood stream; hence when consumed orally, the effects begin more gradually, last longer and subside over a longer period of time than when the material is vaporized and inhaled. Although variable in duration, the effects experienced have the same overall characteristics regardless of the route of absorption used.

The nature of the effects experienced depends on many factors including dose, set and setting. Frequently people report having seen visions of people, objects, and places. With doses above 1 mg, out of body experiences are frequent. Occasionally individuals get up and move about with no apparent awareness of their movements or behavior. Some individuals speak gibberish during the most intense phase of the experience, others laugh hysterically.

Certain themes are common to many of the visions and sensations described. The following is a listing of some of the more common themes:

Becoming objects (yellow plaid French fries, fresh paint, a drawer, a pant leg, a Ferris wheel, etc.). Visions of various two dimensional surfaces, films and membranes. Revisiting places from the past, especially childhood. Loss of the body and/or identity. Various sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by forces of some kind. Uncontrollable hysterical laughter. Overlapping realities. The perception that one is in several locations at once. Some of the effects appear to parallel those of other hallucinogens (i.e. the depersonalization experienced with ketamine, the rapid onset of effects and short duration of smoked DMT). The volunteers who were experienced with other hallucinogens all agreed that despite some similarities, the content of the visions and the overall character of the experience is quite unique.[1]

Pharmacology, toxicity and general safety

Plants containing Salvinorin

Slavia Divinorum contains Salvinorin A Salvia Apiana (white sage) contains Salvinorin A

Extraction teks

Dosages and consumption methods

Salvinorin is active at dosages as low as 200µg. Due to s salvinorin A's high melting point,when being smoked in a bong or any other smoking device a chefs blowtorch must be used,or else the salvinorin A will not vaporised efficantly.Many users report that the smoke is very harsh and tastes bad. The most effieciant way to smoke salvinorin A is by smoking an extract,these come in varying potency from 5x to 100x.

History of usage

Analysis of Salvinorin

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