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Hello Fellow travelers! I am here to give a full understanding of my slightly strange technique which has worked wonders for me. STC stands for Straight To Changa :) This is a lengthy process!! Don't think its a 15 minute extraction, this involves several days, but it works wonders! lets begin, shall we?

The first step I take is obtaining all the raw materials needed. I will be writing this extraction for a 100 gram powdered mimosa sample. You can do several extractions at once, this is just written for those who want a small extraction


  • Glass baster/ syringe/ glass eye droppers
  • Coffee filters
  • Electric stove or hot plate
  • 1 small pot
  • 100 grams finely ground/powdered MHRB
  • 32oz glass mason jars (4 should suffice) (I was told lye can eat the glass away so please be careful of this! and be careful when you shake the jars too!)
  • 100-200ml VM&P Naptha (it usually come in quart sizes)
  • Lye should be a minimum 1:1 ratio to MHRB (I have a huge quantity so i use 150-200grams lye per 100 grams mimosa)
  • Water (I find that either filtered or deionized water works best)
  • 1 gram total of your favorite smoking blend (If you don't have one, Ill write some combos I like at the bottom)
  • Vinegar or anything acidic in the case of spilling lye, an acid will neutralize it, common household 5% vinegar works


1. Clean mason jars with water and let dry (Other containers may be used in place of glass)

2. Pour the 100 grams of MHRB into the mason jar

3. Add 400-600ml water, close mason jar, shake like mad (make sure your lid is on right!!)

4. Add the lye (I add about 150 grams at this point)

5. Close the jar tightly and once again, shake! your mimosa solution will turn dark brown/black. It needs to be very liquidy like water, not like gelatin. Your jar may begin to become hot. Make sure you keep the jar in room temp. And if your solution is too thick, add more water.

6. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and once again shake it. You need to shake it a LOT to ensure all the lye mixes with all the mimosa.

7. Let the solution sit for anywhere from several hours to a day (I have left mine for a week and it turned out fine so don't stress over the time)

8. Take 100-200ml naptha and put into a second mason jar, make sure you keep this jar's lid off and hot bath the jar.

9. Remove the hot bathed naptha and mix it into the jar which contains the mimosa solution and then close the lid

10. Once more, shake.

11. You will most likely have an emulsion by now in which the naptha and mimosa solution look like one liquid, that's OK, not to worry! Let this jar sit until you see two distinct layers, one should still be dark brown/black and the other should be a color ranging from dark orange-yellow-to clear. This may take several hours, perhaps even a day.

12. In the case your solution hasn't separated yet, add 50-100 grams lye (at the most!) and shake well, this would most likely help the naptha float to the top. Other problems would occur if your solution is too thick, add more water or the naptha will be trapped! Then let this solution sit until the naptha separates.

13. Relax a bit, your doing great!

14. Once your solution has separated and has been sitting for at least a day (I have let it sit for an entire month once), take naptha and put it into a new jar and add deionized water, close lid, shake well. The water should turn a murky color and the naptha should be cleaned of impurities. I add about 400 ml deionized water per 100-200 ml naptha.

15. Now that your naptha is cleaner, put it into a new jar of its own, make sure no water gets into this new jar or it will just freeze solid later and waste some DMT, a drop is alright but try not to get a lot!

16A. You have two options now, if you know you have done all the steps correctly and want to make changa straight away, mix your herbs into the jar contained the naptha which is saturated with DMT and freeze for 24+ hours in a freezer that freezes water rock solid.

16B. If you don't want changa and want crystal DMT, then simply freeze the jar containing the naptha which is saturated with DMT for 24+ hours. If you want large crystals, put it in the fridge first for 12-24 hours, and then in the freezer for another 24+ hours. More time wont kill you, I prefer to stick it in the freezer for a good 2 days. This will help ensure your DMT wont turn into goo later on

17A. Now you have herbs that are frozen in a jar with naptha. remove the herbs and place on a plate or somewhere with large surface area and allow to air dry or fan dry. Always save your naptha!

17B. You now have a jar full or crystals of DMT, collect the crystals by pouring the naptha into a new jar through a fine coffee filter and allowing the jar with the crystals to air out and dry properly. Once again, make sure you save the naptha in the case that your crystals did not precipitate, you did not just waste your time and money.

18. You now have some dried product, make sure you store it in a mason jar in a cool dark place

19. If you want to extract the DMT from your changa, repeat the process by finely grinding it, adding water and lye and redoing the extraction. This is quite wasteful and may result in a large loss of DMT so I do not recommend it.

20. Enjoy, your hard work has finally paid off!


    • Keep any fire or sparks away from naptha as it is highly flammable and so are the fumes!!**
    • If you spill lye, clean it up quickly before it comes in contact with water or anything wet. In the case that the lye gets on your skin or has become wet, neutralize with vinegar**
    • Don't inhale any fumes...**
    • Last caution, Don't be stupid... if you have any questions, ask. people are here to help**


  • Make sure your mimosa solution has enough lye, and enough water so that it is very much like water, you do not want it to be thick!
  • Make sure you warm bath the naptha!
  • Make sure you let the mimosa solution to sit for a long time before adding the naptha
  • Once you add the naptha, let it sit for 24 hours, this will extract most of the DMT in your first pull. Feel free to do other pulls if you so wish
  • If the naptha is stuck in the mimosa solution, you can warm bath that jar with the lid OPEN until the two layers separate.
  • Let the Changa/crystals completely dry, I cant stress this part enough...
  • use deionized water, works best IMO

Changa Mixes!!

My favorite so far is Rock Blooms (Parmotrema menyamyaense)because they are easy to use, easy to smoke, and produce a chill effect for me after the smoke. Also, I found them to reduce the anxiety of the trip.

Minty Mix: equal parts spearmint, apple mint, sage, ginkgo biloba, and wormwood, should be kept at a one part DMT to 1 or 2 parts herb.

The Dreamer: Calea zacatechichi, Entada rheedii, Lactuca virosa, Scutellaria lateriflora

Those are my three favorites, feel free to make your own blend or read more on the changa page.

Here is a link to the extraction on the nexus with pics