Rendering Anhydrous Acetone

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Rendering Anhydrous Acetone Cog.png
  1. Pour anhydrous magnesium sulfate directly into the can of acetone.
  2. Shake vigorously for an extended amount of time.
  3. Allow to settle for one day.
  4. Observe the magnesium sulfate at the bottom of the can.
    • if it appears extremely moist, repeat the process.
    • if it appears quite dry, the acetone is ready for use.
  5. Store away from moisture and never leave uncapped.
THP Approach to Rendering Anhydrous Acetone Cog.png
  1. Prepare THP by cutting the bottom off of an HDPE bottle and stuffing cotton balls the neck.
  2. Fill THP with anhydrous magnesium sulfate, leaving enough room for an appropriate amount of acetone to fill.
  3. Pour acetone through THP until satisfactorily dried.
  4. Store acetone away from moisture and never leave uncapped.