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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of a/b extracton 100gr bark 2.2g jimjam spice (naptha)[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

This is a a/b for the europian pips who whant some jimjam but do not have d-limo. its a very simpel and high yeild tek :D

Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:
  • 100g MHRB (powdered)
  • coffee filter/filtration system


Step 1

Take 100gr bark and soak in 400ml vinegar for 4 days. Shake every time you come by it. add a bit(15gr) of citric acid to the seaking bark for a more yeild.

Step 2

Make a basic solution of 500ml distilled h2o and add 50gr NaOH to it. Do this slowly.

Step 3

Add the basic solution to the bark and vinegar mix.

Step 4

Stir very well until no saturation is present.

Step 5

Warm up your naptha and add 100ml to the based mix

Step 6

Mix it very well for 10-15 minutes and let it settle for 5minutes and pull

Step 7

Do step 6, 6 times (let the last pull sit for 24 hours)

Step 8

Evaporate the naptha, or evap 50% and freezz pricp.

Step 9

Put the spice in a filter and pour ice cold ammonia over it do it slowly, and the ammonia must be very cold.

Step 10

Let it dry and you will have very pure crystals and jungle spice.Very happy

if you do more pulls evaporate it separately from the rest.

P.S. Step 9 is not really necessary.


make some hot naptha. put your spice in a small shott glas and set it in a hot water bath ad some hot naptha until all spice is desolved. pore it off in a other shot glas. so the goo and the naptha/spice mix wil be in a sepret glas. put the spice/naptha it in the freezer and let it sit for a while. when u get it out off the freezer. you wil have some nice clean xtals. for big xtals desolve it in some acetone and let it evap very slow, (put a bit of alumenem foiel over the shotglas), and poke some hols in it and let it evap. (i have got like 0.5cm xtals this way)


Let the last 3 pulls sit for 24 hours to get some nice jim-jam. Keep it warm in a hit water bath. Very happy


  1. a/b extracton 100gr bark 2.2g jimjam spice (naptha) [1]