Other ergolines

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Other ergolines

the ergot molecuul is pretty fragile and decomposes easy in some moist/light/(some)air , the 3 best spots to change/improve the coumpound stabilitiet is reanforce at the most stable parts...those are the Nitrogens..in the moleculair ergot structur you see 3"N"'s , these are the nitrogens, one is at the bottom (position 1) , nr 2 is in the mid right position called position nr 6 and the third one is near the top connected to position 8 ( the positions are the number you get when you start counting the connections on the outside of the molecule anti-clockwise , try it !. people have tried to add more atoms /elements to the "N's possitions and one such experiment was hoffman 25th try for a new compound eventually known as lsd....but here are some lesser know other samples :

1)on the 8 position :

- some of the lysergic precursors : methysergide, ergometrine and metyl-ergmetrine are slightly active above 1-4 mg. it still unknown if these can cause gangreen / nercosis in certain people. source (J.ott in Pharmacotheon )

-(S)Lasba : a stereoselective butyl analoog on the 8-amide has been found active in humans a few years ago, but mostly act as a stimulant (source : perdue-uni/nichols/personal exprience) nice info to be found here : [url}http://bitnest.ca/Silo42/10.1007/BF02245940.pdf[url]

-also the morpholine and methyl-ethyl-amide moity are active (hoffman/stoll at sandoz, and shulgin mentions it in Tihkal.)

on the 6 position : AL-LAD, BU-LAD, CYP-LAD, ETH-LAD, PRO-LAD and a few others, Mostly developed by Nichols but in coalition with Shulgin.

promising : - future research is being done to replace the carboxylic acid to a "thoiacid" this means at the top the oxygen will be repaced with a sulphur(=thio) and then there is still room for the N-diethyl amide. Warnig : activity and safeties of these compounds are still unknown.

- non-psychoactive ergolines : bromocryptine,dihydroergotamine, dihydrolysergic,carbagoline and a few more, these are now used as proper migrane- an other-medicine.

- and then there is the sub-family called the clavines who mostly have only 2 nitrogens in their structures which seems to have less medicinal properties and is sleightly less stabiel, therefor the main rearch woldwide is focused on the ergot-family.