Machine-Style Bubbler Stem

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the Improvisation of the Machine-Style Bubbler Stem[1] Cog.png
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A design of bubbler or piece that facilitates being angled in such a way that the product can only run down toward the heat-source is preferable to ensure full dosage.
A Machine-Style Bubbler Stem seated in a bubbler.
  1. Prepare a glass piece to be fitted to the intake of a bubbler.
    • this can be accomplished either by using a glass piece small enough to fit inside with a gasket fitted to provide a seal or by attaching the piece with a small section of tubing; traditionally, a dropper stem with the nozzle broken off and edges melted is implemented.
  2. Cut off a piece of the metal scrub pad, hold it with pliers, and burn with a torch under an oven hood until no more smoke is emitted.
  3. After it has cooled, stuff it in the larger end of the piece, and stuff it down toward the end designated for heat application somewhat tightly, and so that a part of the mesh is exposed.
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Most designs will result in runoff if used at a downward angle, but if a straight glass piece is used, that runoff may be immediately retrievable for further administration by simply plunging the plug to one end of the piece--collecting oil--then back into place.
Notes on Administration
  • To load, simply place a measured dose inside the piece and onto the plug, and carefully melt into the plug by feathering with a flame or other heat source.
  • A butane torch is a preferable heat source for the operation of this piece.

  1. The Mini-Machine Bubbler Stem