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Brief overview - What is LSA?

Chemical and physical properties

Lysergamide, ergine

Freebase LSA


CAS Registry Number: 478-94-4

  • Composition: C16H17N3O
  • Molecular Weight: 267.32568 g/mol
  • XLogP3: 1.6 (PubChem)


Slightly less duration than LSD (by 1-3 hours)

Visual: Tracers, different surfaces may have a different color to them, or a slight pattern, melt, or seem to be moving or flowing/crawling ie. carpet may appear to move around like crawling insects, where the walls and everything around it is as normal.

Mental: Introspective thoughts, self analysis, deep emotions. Can be euphoric. Improves music

Pharmacology, toxicity and general safety

LSA has a body-loading effect and impairs visual coherence


Due to toxins contained in Hawaiian Baby Woodrose(HBWR) seeeds and morning glory (MG) seeds, it is not wise to eat more than 1-4 seeds HBWR or 20-80 MG. Chewing the seeds (without swallowing)and spitting them out later can lessen the chance of negative toxic effects. For psychedelic doses, extraction is the only safe option.

If ingested incorrectly you will suffer dizziness, extreme nausea and vascular constriction (severe Leg cramping/blue fingers)

Plants containing LSA

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (HBWR)

Morning Glory seeds

Extraction teks

Simple half-day single dose extraction -

PanoraMIX HBWR Crystal Extraction -

Kash's Advanced LSA Extraction -

Dosages and consumption methods

History of usage

Analysis of LSA

Scientific publications

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