Instant ayahuasca little lightening bolt TEK

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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of LLB's Instant ayahuasca little lightening bolt TEK[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

So this is a really very simple TEK that SWIM came up with MANY years ago... and it gave the best experiences that SWIM has ever had with ayahuasca.. and SWIM has drank with jungle shamans and had many of types of brews... this though was the best...

Note error.png Note: this TEK is for making ayahuasca analogs and not for the purpose of smoking anything... please only do this tek if your trying to subvert the goverment and tryingto create a society of peaceful synergy with nature and all that is...


Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:
  • 40g B.Caapi
  • 15g MHRB
  • Everclear, or industrial 99% alcohol was added to MHRB and a separate container was for caapi/ethanol.

mileage varies with each person quantity wise... enough alcohol was added to cover the Mark(plant matter) with an inche above the level of plant matter of ethanol.

These were left to soak for two to four weeks. Menstrum (herbalist term for alcohol containing the plant alkaliods ie a tinctures liquid) is then strained and seperrated from plant matter and plant matter is then placed in pyrx baking pans and evaporated in an open oven with a fan on... until the menstrum fully evaporates and the resulting residues crytalize... Whats that? yes they crystalize they tunr into this hard foam crystals that raise up like a poofy cake. Crystals become slightly sticky after cooling or if pressed... harvest crystals with razor blade, scrapping them off the pan and place them in a dry place.


The product can be ingested in a few ways... they can be added to gel caps or they can be added to warm water like Folgers instant coffee, becasue in a sense this is very much what its like instant coffee or instant ayahausca... Tests where done with a group to see whether or not gel caps made any difference on absorbtion, onset, or durration, none was notted. caps and ingesting added to warm water made no differance what so ever. if you like the taste go for it... SWIM sticks with caps...


duration of onset was a bit of time actually... SWIMS group did not feel the effects for an hour and a half though had started feelign nausea... SWIMS group had felt that perhaps this was a dud and that they should move on... One in SWIMS circle decided to try eating somthing with it to see if that brought on the effects as he had read in the entheogen review ( this was a long time ago) SO a few slices of sour dough bread was eaten... and within 15-20 minutes it came on like gangbustas...


hit fast when it did come on ( 2 hours after ingestion) heart opened hared light between group members fromt he heart and then open and closed eye visuals and entity contact was incredible. This was the most educational expereince SWIM had ever had with aya. the experience was crystal clear. From what SWIM is reading about THH it would seem that it was very much liek what people are describing. emotionally clear, filled with light and awareness, visuals were clear, head was clear... everything was fucking clear! no intoxicating effects besides euphoria. SWIM met with a snake spirit wo taught SWIM that all was one and showed SWIM how to effectivly alter events in reality as well as change and tranform the enery as well as the quality and type of visuals others where having as well... Music was listened to that created exremly disturbing feelings as well as visuals, but SWIM was so clear headed it was as if he was just watching and was able to just very clearly witness adn explore these feelings with out over identifying with them and feeling under their control. SWIM feels that this was the most theraputic part. just knowing that one could feel that way was incredible.


The experience only lasted for 4 hours. It was short, boosters where not avaiable at the time so where not experimented with.


Taking on an empty stomache is a good idea... but its not nessecary to fast all day... have some energy... eat a good breakfast and a light lunch but no dinner... if doing this in the evening like most folks do. 20-30 minutes after ingestion the Instant aya crystals eat a few slices of sour dough bread... nothing heavy nothing too greasy nothing spicy... just light... somthing thats easy to puke if need be (but no vomiting was experienced with this tek). SWIM has also thought of ingesting COCAO nips prior to ingesting due to the increase of effects that theobromine has on tryptamines.

These methods are based in anceint herrbalism and herbal extraction practies. They are as simple as the production of any herbal extract. SWIM feels that people tend to over complicate things, as well as over simplify. Nearly every herbal medicine out there is effectively made and ingested in the same exact way that SWIM is describing to you here. No acids, no bases, no pertrolium distilates, no nasty fumes, or pollution from your extraction process.. its simpel its easy its effective, its as old as the hills, and whats more is that its was the finest experience that SWIM has ever had with any ayahuasca brew. SWIM has drank BREWS made by amazonian shamans... which intoxicate one and cloud ones mind creating fear an panic for SWIM at times, and at the very least difficulty intigrating whats happening. SWIM does not know if the plant material that SWIM was using produced these extraordinary results or if it was the TEK its self. More experimentation is needed by others using this tek to see if the results are simular.


Ethanol especially high proof or industrial ethanol can be exspensive... but it does not have to be... SWIM recomends investing in a Easy Still. its an extremly simple way to produce HIGH proof ethanol from just sugar and yeast... basement shaman is selling an easy still right now for a reasonable price... you can produce your own high proof ethanol very cheaply and discreatly for many years...

This method works... and the end results are good... down sides are that it takes time to let the alcohol soak every thing up... one might expidiate this with a hot water bath, but swims not sure... SWIM feels that this is a nice simple herbalist method for producing ayahuasca with out having to work with any chemistry or chemicals out side of just ethanol of coarse. SO in a sense this is also a safe non toxic tek as well, and if you where distilling your own ethanol you could do so with organic sustainable sugar and have no quilt at all...


SWIM has done this tek with chacruna as well. The end result after heat evap was a bright green lovely oil. This was not as strong as MHRB but there was visionary experiences that occured later on in the evening, leaving the group with a clear open heart and head, radiating light. Other plants to explore would be demanthus roots...


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