Health and Safety of Psychedelic Botanicals

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This is the Health & Science section of the Nexus eBook

iii. Health and Safety of Psychedelic Botanicals

Authors: Bancopuma, picatris,  (UNDECLARED YET DESIRED: endlessness, bufoman, benzyme, obliguhl, Infundibulum, burnt)
20-70 pages

This is the rational and scholarly defense of PSYCHEDELICS. Work Thread here.

How to Write Science Books.

Sources Already Dedicated to This Effort:

Scientific Articles on DMT/Ayahuasca/Psychedelics

Cottonwood Research Digital Library

Journal of Psychoactive Drugs Peer reviewed journal, University login required

Drug library Article by Friedman on the prohibition of drugs. Good source for other articles

Possible Section Outline:

+ What ARE Psychedelic Botanicals and How Do They Work? (by ?)

+ The Horrors of Addiction (by ?)

+ The Safety, Benefits and Risks of Psychedelic Botanicals (by ?)

+ The Silliness of The Law And The DEA/FDA (by Kartikay, desired: ragabr, Spock's Brain)

+ The Horrors of some Legal Medicines (by nadir, )

+ The Limits of Approaching What We Cannot (Yet) Measure (by azrael, ?)

Articles Of Useful Interest (by Elpo) is a section of this wiki that contains ALL the Academic articles supporting our cause. They are organized by subject area for convenience.

Mescaline Study Study on Peyote use concerning health.

Chapter Content

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