Harmine Crystals from Syrian Rue

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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of Harmine Crystals from Syrian Rue[1].

At this moment I am looking at my Harmine HCL crystals growing on a plate... I saw this extraction somewhere else on the net, and didn't know If anyone had tried it, but it works... The first time I tried it I didn't get the 4 mm long crystals that I was supposed to get, but the whole extraction process I went through just became a cluster ---- in my kitchen... I hadn't cleaned all my glass properly, and I didn't have what I needed at that time....

Anyway, here is the process I used to get the beautiful 1-4 mm long crystals growing on my plate... I don't even know who's process this is that I am stealing, but the one I use is for chem idiots like me, no math or any thing involved...

Materials Required Checklist.png
Source Material:
  • Syrian Rue (seeds)
  • Distilled water
  • Salt (rock salt or iodine free table salt)
  • Vinegar

Step one

Take your harmala seeds and boil 'em ( you can add an acid or not. I always add a little vinegar, never measure though). When they have boiled for about 30 mins, strain the water with a tea strainer into a pyrex measuring cup/mixing bowl thing you can get from a grocery store. Boil 'em again... strain into the same container. Boil 'em again... strain into the same container.

Step two

Dump the seeds and wash the pot you were using. Boil some water and add rock salt (important to use rock salt because there is noting add to it, regular table salt fas stuff add to it. If you have to use table salt, make sure it doesn't have Iodine in it). Keep adding rock salt to your booiling water 'till No more disolves, so now you have a super saturated salt-water solution....

Step three

Strain the hot salt water into you hamarla boilings to keep out the salt rocks, Only adding enough salt water so that you have 2 or 3 parts harmala-water and 1 part Salt-water. I try to make sure that I have 3 times as much harmala solution as I have salt water.

Step four

Stir it all up, then add a little bit of cold water to aid in the cooling of the mixture...SOMETHING should precipitate out. That's a good thing: the crystals form when the temp of the solution drops. Put it in the freezer for an hour. After that put it in the fridge for a few hours (longer if ya like, but three of four hours is what I did).

Step five

There should be a whole bunch of crystals and grunge at the bottom of your container It doesn't matter how big the crystals are just yet.... I could hardly notice that they were actually crystals, the just happened to be about 1 mm little needles. Now it should be strained again...I used a bandanna to strain, but a t-shirt will work... Put your filter cloth over the top of a big stock pot and slowly pour you crungy/crystal solution through it... Now you can dump the shit in the pot outand lay your t-shirt over the pot under a fan to dry out...

Step six

It should look like you have extracted sparkling dirt from the seeds... Scrape all your sparkling dirt off your t-shirt and into a clear glass container and add just enough methyl alcohol (ethyl should work too though, and you will know when there's enough you'll have yellowish/reddish/orangish alchy with brown shit in the bottom). The sparkles dissolve and the crunge doesn't... strain again through a t-shirt and into your a flat Pyrex baking dish or onto a clear plate. Place under a fan or somewhere with adequate ventilation and wait and watch....


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