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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of SyZyGyPSy's EASY Harmaloid Freebase TEK[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.

It's a shame to read about so many people ingesting rue (along with all its toxicity) straight up, or as a tea, when there's a simple procedure to obtain reasonably pure harmaloids in freebase form, which can then be gelcapped for pharmahuasca, or smoked prior to DMT for fumahuasca.

Here's how:

Step 1

Perform a basic Manske/Hasenfratz NaCl precipitation according to your preferred method (if you already have an establish method for this, skip to step number eight). IMO, the best way to do this is as follows: soak ~100g seeds overnite in a blender (you can add vinegar, which the standard tek calls for, but vinegar is stinky, hard on the lungs, and IMO unnecessary as the alkaloids are readily soluble in H20 anyway. But either way, soak the seeds then blend 'em, or grind 'em in a burr grinder, or use a mortar and pestle if you're hard core.

Step 2

Boil ground or blended seeds ~1/2 hr. Strain thru t-shirt or other cloth, squeeze out as much liquid as possible, and boil again, strain again, and combine the two aqueous extracts. Just boiling 2X for 1/2 hr seems to get most of the alks.

Step 3

Pre-mix 1/2 liter of saturated NaCl soln by adding NON-IODIZED NaCl to boiling H20 until it won't dissolve any more. Let the water cool, and filter out the salt that precips.

Step 4

Reduce the volume of your combined aqueous extracts to ~1/2 liter, and dissolve another 23 grams of NaCl into the tea as well, just for good measure.

Step 5

Combine the 1/2 liter of seed tea with the 1/2 liter of saturated NaCl soln in a quart masonic jar. Stick it in the fridge overnite.

Step 6

Rather than filtering out all the liquid, which is a pain in the ass at this point cuz of all the filter-clogging oils, simply siphon or suck off the liquid from the top using syringe, turkey baster, or whatever. Then dump out the last little bit into a coffee filter in a funnel (or vaccum filter if you have one). The filter can be bunched up and moved around in the funnel to aid in getting the liquid to pass through.

Step 7

Redissolve the resulting red gooey mush in ~1/2 liter of HOT distilled H20 (my tap water here has some solids which would precip out in the next phase, so I recommend distilled). Pass this liquid thru another coffee filter so as to remove some of the oils that will otherwise gum up the next phase.

(OPTIONAL: Repeat the NaCl precipitation one more time for extra purity. The NaCl precipitation seems to be the phase that removes the toxic uterotonic alkaloids such as vasicine. Once, while trying to be a lazy ass, the NaCl phase was skipped altogether and an ammonia precip was performed directly on the original tea - the resulting extract worked fine on males, but the one female it was given to vomited excessively - this might have been a coincidence, but it might also have been due to the fact that these other alkaloids were precipitated along with the harmaloids. Regardless, the NaCl precip seems like a good thing to do at least once, possibly more.)

Step 8

To the filtered aqueous harmaloid soln, add a small amt of ammonia. You will be able to see the alkaloids fall out of the soln, which goes from dark and yucky looking to bright yellow as the 'loids become visible.

Step 9

Let the solution settle, it takes several hours for the alkaloids to fall to the bottom, leaving a dark liquid on top. Once again, suck off the black liquid from the top and discard it, then filter the last little bit of liquid out of the alkaloids.

You now have crude harmine & harmaline freebase, with perhaps a touch of other alkaloids, and still some plant oils and whatnot. According to Dale Pendell in Pharmako-Gnosis, he extracted some harmaloids using multiple NaCl precips and sent it to Shulgin for gc/ms analysis, which revealed a ratio of roughly 2:1 harmine:harmaline, though this ratio may vary with season, species, environmental conditions, etc. Plus harmaline tends to degrade into harmine, so handling and storage are also factors.

Two optional methods of cleaning this product further are:


Step 1

Redissolve in aqueous soln (you will need to use a little acid, such as vine gar) and filter, then precip again with more ammonia. This is especially good for removing oils.


Step 2

Place the alkaloids in a small container (I use a 30ml amber soln bottle), add roughly half the container's capacity in ammonia (~15ml in my case), and shake the hell out of it. Filter, and repeat until desired purity is achieved. You can tell how pure the harmaloids are by how dirty the ammonia is after washing - when it gets pretty clear, your 'loids are pretty clean.


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