Ayahuasca using Syrian Rue & Acacia confusa

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WARNING: Syrian Rue contains Hamalas, which are an MAO Inhibitor. MAOI's can be *FATAL* if taken in conjunction with various medications. A strict diet before and after an Ayahuasca experience is advised.

READ FIRST: Is a MAOI diet / Ayahuasca fasting necessary? What kind of dangers are there with medication interaction?

WARNING: All information is to be used in accordance with each individual's country and/or state laws. I take no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information contained in this recipe. These are powerful substances, treat them with caution, respect and above all, safety


Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue Seeds): 4g

Acacia confusa powdered bark: 10g

Lemon Balm: 4g

2 Lemons

Coffee Filters

Distilled Water (or filtered water)

Preparation of Rue Seed and Acacia Confusa Brews


  • In separate containers, simmer Rue seeds and Acacia Confusa in 400ml of distilled water with juice of half a lemon. Simmer for 3 hours. Top up with water as needed to make sure it never falls below 100ml


  • Filter liquid (using coffee filters) into separate containers and repeat previous step on the remaining solids, 2 more times for a total of THREE times.


  • Reduce total rue seed brew to around 80ml and place in refrigerator for later..


  • Boil 200ml of distilled water, and add to acacia confusa brew (bring it's total volume to around 300ml), then proceed to next step: "Removing Tannins from Acacia Brew"

Removing Tannins from Acacia Brew


  • Bring acacia confusa brew to boil, adding 1 large egg white as soon as the brew starts producing steam and stir.


  • After boiling the brew/egg whites, filter the brew and then reduce the brew down to around 100ml


  • Put the confusa brew in the freezer. When it's frozen, thaw the brew, filter it and put it back in the freezer. Once frozen again, thaw it and pour the tea away from the sediment in the bottom and stop pouring when the sediment tries to come up. Repeat freeze/thaw/filter for a total of 3 times

Preparing Lemon Tea


  • Boil 4g of Lemon balm tea in distilled water for 15 min


  • Drink Rue Seed brew, followed by half the Lemon Balm Tea - wait 1hr
  • Drink Acacia Confusa brew, followed by remaining Lemon Balm Tea