Acid/Base Extraction

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Acid/Base Extraction

Acid/Base or AB extractions use a weak acid(citric, acetic, and OTHERS have been used with success) to extract the DMT from the plant material into DMT freebase.


The use of Acid/Base techniques implies the use of "acid-cooking" the source material, straining it, and basifying the resulting strained solution. The use of an initial acid extraction facilitates the implementation of a defatting phase and generally yields a product more devoid of botanical impurities. This technique is ideal for any material that requires defatting, though defatting may not be necessary, depending on the intended method of crystallization.

Overview of Materials and Methods
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Material Preparation

Either purchase shredded bark or Break 1-Pound of Mimosa Hostilis rootbark into 2" pieces and grind it all up in a glass-topped blender, a little at a time.

Extraction Procedure

(taken from tek) Premix in an empty 1-Gallon plastic jug: 1-Pint White Vinegar & 3-1/2 Quarts Water. Put the ground up Mimosa in a 3-Liter crockpot, then fill it with the water-vinegar solution.

Stir well and turn it on "high". After 2 hours, remove the crockpot ceramic liner, hold the lid on slightly offset, and pour off most of the liquid into a 1-gallon wide-mouthed glass or stainless container.

Add the remaining water-vinegar solution to the crockpot again. Stir well and turn it on "high". After 2 hours, remove the crockpot ceramic liner, hold the lid on slightly offset, and pour off all of the liquid into the same container again. Discard the rootbark fiber and save the two combined extractions in the 1-gallon container.

Allow the vegetable particles in the extraction in the 1-gallon container to settle to the bottom overnight. Then pour off the liquid into an empty 1-Gallon GLASS wine jug, being careful not to pour off any of the vegetable sludge at the bottom. Discard the sludge and keep the contents of the wine jug.

Premix in advance a solution of: 4 Tablespoons (50grams) of Sodium Hydroxide ("Red Devil" lye) with 1-Pint of HOT Water. Stir well. Slowly add this solution to the wine jug, then cap the jug. Gently tilt the wine jug back and forth for 1 full minute to mix the contents.

from here use your solvent of choice

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