Acacia provincialis

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General Plant Info

This species was formerly known as Acacia retinodes. var retinodes "Swamp form" but was accorded full species status along with the former Acacia retinodes var. uncifolia (now Acacia uncifolia) which occurs on the coast. Acacia retinodes (formerly Acacia retinodes var. retinodes "Hillside form") is now regarded as being restricted to South Australia.[1]

A graceful upright shrub or small tree although occasionally developing a dense and rounded form. The pale green phyllodes (flattened leaf-like stems which replace the true leaves as the main photosynthetic structure)sometimes have a bloom that makes them appear bluish, 'pruinose' in botanical jargon. These are are typically arrayed upright, in young plants these may be very elongated and fine.

Geographic distribution

Native to south-eastern Australia. Naturalised in South America, Hawaii.

In the Greater Grampians Bioregion this species typically occurs in the wetter gully lines and damp flats.


Alkaloid content

Contains unknown entheogenic (tryptamine-like) alkaloids. Successfully extracted by Yatiqiri from tree naturalised in South America [DMT-Nexus].


Other uses





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