Acacia drummondii

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General Plant Info

Acacia drummondii is also known as "Dwarf Wattle"

Consists of 4 subspecies:

Acacia drummondii subsp. affinis

Acacia drummondii subsp. candolleana

Acacia drummondii subsp. drummondii

Acacia drummondii subsp. elegans

Geographic distribution

Occurs in south-western W.A., from near Mt Lesueur S to Albany, also Fitzgerald R. Natl Park.



Shrub usually 0.2- 2 m high. Branchlet indumentum variable, rarely absent. Stipules 1- 4 mm long.

Pinnae 1- 4 pairs, 2- 10 mm long (proximal pinnae), 4- 20 mm long (distal pinnae); petiole 0.5- 5 mm long; rachis 2- 20 mm long; pinnules 2- 3 pairs (proximal pinnae), 2- 7 pairs (distal pinnae), oblong to narrowly oblong or obovate, 3- 12 mm long, 1- 6 mm wide, obliquely narrowed at apex, flat or revolute, green or glaucous, glabrous or hairy; gland on petiole and/or rachis at base of pinnae, sessile.

Inflorescences simple, normally 1 per axil; peduncles 10- 30 mm long, rarely glabrous; spikes 10- 40 mm long, pale yellow to golden. Flowers 5-merous; sepals 1/2- 3/4-united; petals glabrous or hairy.

Pods narrowly oblong, 1.5- 5 cm long, 3.5- 8 mm wide, with indumentum variable.

Seeds transverse to oblique, oblong to elliptic, 2- 3.5 mm long.

Alkaloid content

Other uses