Acacia courtii

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General Plant Info

Acacia courtii is a tall shrub or spreading, weeping tree growing 7-20 m high with pale yellow or cream flower spikes (Tindale & Herscovitch 1990; Harden 1991; Tame 1992; Orchard & Wilson 2001a).

Geographic distribution

This species has a very restricted distribution and is found only in three general localities in coastal ranges in the Laurieton/Kendall/Kew area of the mid North Coast of NSW (Tame 1992; Quinn et al. 1995; Orchard & Wilson 2001a). It is found in Kerewong SF; at North Brother Mt (including in Camden Haven SF); and at Middle Brother Mt (including in Middle Brother SF) (Tindale & Herscovitch 1990; Harden 1991; Quinn et al. 1995). Six populations were reported by Quinn et al. (1995) and Richards (1999).



Alkaloid content

A. courtii, closely related to A. orites [see below], has been found by TLC/GCMS to contain up to 2% alkaloids in the bark, mostly or entirely DMT, and up to 1.2% in leaves, again mostly or entirely DMT. As this species is relatively rare with a restricted range, efforts at cultivation should be made rather than harvesting from wild plants (Jeremy 2007).

Other uses




Mount Annan Botanic Garden (NSW Seed Bank), Australia.