Acacia cornigera

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  • Presence of DMT in bark indicated but details lacking, needs confirmation (Ratsch 1998 ref. Trout's Notes)

General Plant Info

Acacia cornigera or Vachellia cornigera, commonly known as Bullhorn Acacia (family Fabaceae), is a swollen-thorn tree native to Mexico and Central America. The common name of "bullhorn" refers to the enlarged, hollowed-out, swollen thorns (technically called stipular spines) that occur in pairs at the base of leaves, and resemble the horns of a steer. In Yucatán (one region where the bullhorn acacia thrives) it is called "subín", in Panamá the locals call them "cachito" (little horn). The tree grows to a height of Template:Convert.

Geographic distribution



Alkaloid content

May be psychoactive, as the root is used as an aphrodisiac, and may have been added to the Central American balché beverage.[1] Claims of tryptamines in this species[2] might be speculation. Research needed.


Other uses

The thorns of V. cornigera, are often strung into unusual necklaces and belts. In El Salvador the horn-shaped thorns provide the legs for small ballerina seed dolls which are worn as decorative pins.





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