Acacia burkittii

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General Plant Info

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Acacia burkittii is endemic to Western Australia and is a perennial shrub in the family Fabaceae. It is common in southwestern regions of Western Australia and extends east over towards South Australia. It has also been introduced into India. Common names for it include Burkitt's Wattle, Fine Leaf Jam, Gunderbluey, Pin Bush and Sandhill Wattle Previously this species ware referred to as Acacia acuminata subsp. burkittii (Benth.) but is now considered to be a separate species and is called Acacia burkitti (Benth.) [1] Grows in mallee, eucalypt and Mulga woodland or shrubland, often on sandhills.[2]

Geographic distribution



Alkaloid content

DMT in bark (0.2-1.2%), 0.1% alkaloids from leaves (mostly NMT);[3] 1.5% alkaloids from leaves and stems, mostly tryptamine [4]

Other uses






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