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Safety profile Note error.png
  • Psychedelic
Main effects:
  • Open and closed eye visuals, euphoria, change in perception of time
Side effects:
  • Nausea, vasoconstriction (mostly when combined with other vasoconstricting substances like LSD), unusual body sensations (facial flushing, chills, goosebumps, body energy), slight increase in heart rate, difficulty focusing
Health risks:
  • Mental: paranoia, fear, and panic. No other known specific physical risks at this time (but likely similar to LSD).
Important safety remarks:
  • AL-LAD is a substance with very little published about, with little known about its pharmacological or behavioral risks. The LD50 (median lethal dose) is not known.
  • Elaborate studies on this substance have not been performed, so long term effects are UNKNOWN!


Brief overview - What is AL-LAD?

AL-LAD novel hallucinogenic developed originally by David E. Nichols and popularized by Alexander Shulgin. It closely resembles LSD in chemical structure and has very similar dosages and effects.

Chemical and physical properties

AL-LAD is a 6-alkylated analogue of nor-LSD.


Effects can be felt within a quarter hour to an hour or more. Physically the experience can include a warm body high, elevated heart rate and increased energy. Visually the effects are similar to that of LSD (depending on the individual). Users often report euphoria and music enhancement. Some users report a merge between audio and visual aspects of the experience.

Pharmacology, toxicity and general safety

DOSAGE : 80 - 160 micrograms +.

DURATION : 6 - 8 hours.

Very little is known at this stage about the toxicity of AL-LAD and potential long-term effects. As with any RC, caution should be exercised. No deaths or hospitalizations have been reported due to it's usage so far (august 2013) there is no data for lasting negative physical effect.

AL-LAD is every bit as much as potent as it's sister molecule LSD and should be treated with equal respect. This chemical is a powerful psychedelic and the effects are mostly mental/visual. Most online reports have been positive with no complaints of negative physical effect after the experience has ran its course.

Bad trips are always possible with almost any psychedelic and AL-LAD is no exception, with reports mentioning things becoming much too intense and 'cartoon like' at higher dosages. Always make sure you know how much you are ingesting and do so in a safe environment where you feel comfortable. NEVER ingest a psychedelic if you will be working or driving.

There scarce data regarding the combination of AL-LAD and other substances. Combination with MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) carries the same risk as with many other psychedelics, however since this combination has not been documented it can NOT be recommended at this point.

Dosages and consumption methods

AL-LAD is easily dissolved onto blotters or can be taken in suspension, held under the tongue or on the gum and cheek. Anecdotal reports mention this compound being active orally, unlike LSD itself. A mild dose can be as low as 80 micrograms, with a intermediate dosages around 150-200 micrograms. Higher dosages have been reported up to 300 and 400 micrograms.

History of usage

There is not a much credible data because of the scarcity of this compound, however Alexander Shulgin has written an extensive report of his own self experimentation in TIHKAL entry #1.

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Scientific publications

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