2023 Full Spectrum Anadenathera Seed Extraction Technique.

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Technique to extract full spectrum alkaloids from the seeds of Anadenathera Coulbrina/peregrina. Bufotenine, DMT and 5meoDMT.'

The following technique will yield about 5% of good clean tan/brown cystaline powder. Which is easy to melt in vape device Pulsar APX V3 Wax machine. The whole process can be done in one day with the right chemicals and equiptment. The tech is done with 10 grams seed powder, for larger extraction simply multiply by 10's ect.

D-limonene. 225ml
Demineralised water. 1L
Calcium hydroxide. 1g (or sodium carbonate).
Acetone. 300ml

0.001 gram scales.
Mortise and pestle.
Measuring cup (glass pyrex).
Portable gas stove and can of gas.
Large pyrex glass dish.
100ml shot glass.
Assortment of glass jars differing sizes.
Glass pipette eye dropper (for solvents and acetone).
Plastic pipette (for tea extract).

Simplified version.
  1. dehull, gently cook/dry seeds, course grind seeds.
  2. defat with d-limonene. 3 x 100ml. Heat seed powder evaporate excess solvent.
  3. extract water solubles. 5 x 200ml demineralised water pulls, or untill relatively clear.
  4. evaporate tea extract. Low heat about 120 degrees celsius.
  5. basify with calcium hydroxide. 1g for every 10 grams of starting seed weight.
  6. dry seed paste on low heat or fan dry.
  7. extract with acetone. 3 x 100 mls. and evaporate.

Step 1) Prepare the seed powder.

1A) Dehull seeds. Using two hands, hold both sides of seed with index finger and thumb and crack the outer shell in half by bending it forwards and backwards. The outer shell should simply pull off in halves now, if not bend and snap it into quaters and it should. Sometimes you may need tweezers to slide under the outer shell and pry it away from the bean. (No cooking and or moistening this step to dehull the seeds, it pretty easy, but time consuming).

1B) Dry the seeds. The purpose of this step is to make the seeds dry so can grind them easier in mortise and pestle. Place the whole or partly chopped seeds onto a heat proof plate/dish/pan and heat about 120 degrees celsius until hardened and dry. Doesn't take to much heat to dry them. Dont over do it, if there is smoke your burning them, just enough heat to evaporate the moister.

1C) Grind the seeds in course powder. Place dried seeds in mortise and pestle and course grind them into powder.

Step 2) Defat.

This step is important to make dry crystal at the end instead of sticky oily waxy resinous mess. Place the dry seed powder into 100 ml shot glass or small glass jar. Pull three times with 75ml 100% d-limonene solvent, letting the solid seed material settle to the bottom each time and siphoning off the solvent with glass pipette, keeping the seed material. Should take 10 minutes each pull. At the end of the pulls inevitably there will be solvent left over in the seed material. Place seed powder on dish and spread it out, gently evaporate excess solvent on low heat infront of fan until dry. There may still be a citrus smell but the rest of the steps will eliminate it from the final product. This step will remove about 10% of the weight of the seeds which are lipids (fats and oils).

Step 3) Water extract. Extract water solubles.

Do 5 x pulls with 200ml water. Boil demineralised water in kettle. Place seed powder in glass jar and pour 200ml boiling water into it. Stir it around and let the plant material settle to the bottom before siphoning off the water. Do this 5 times in total or until liquid is relatively clear. Should take about 10-15 minutes each pull. No need to wait any longer than the time it takes for the non water soluble particles to sediment to the bottom, within 5 minutes the liquid has already became saturated with water solubles, waiting longer is unnecessary. Also this extraction is successfully done without any added acids in the water extraction phase, extra acids is unnecessary as the molecules are already in acid/salt form naturally within the seeds.

Step 4) Evaporate the tea extract completely.

Put the combined tea extract into glass pyrex dish and evaporate on low heat until completely dry. About 120 degress celsius. Might take about 4 hours. It helps to have a fan blowing off the steam and in well ventilated area. When the water has been reduced turn down the heat, keep an eye on it as you dont want it to burn. You'll be left with a sticky amber colured residue on the base of glass dish after evaporation.

Step 5) Basify the extract.

Mix 1 gram of calcium hydroxide per every 10 grams of initial seed powder. Weigh 1g Ca(HO)2 and place in shot glass with about 20ml of water. Add the basic solution to the dish with dried residue. Swish it around and mix it thorougly, scraping and folding to make a wet paste. Let it sit for no less than 10 minutes for reaction take place.

Step 6) Dry seed paste.

Now dry the seed paste. It's best to do step gently with little to no heat, just fan dry. Flatten out the wet paste on the dish, spreading it out over the whole bottom surface for faster drying. It should take 30 - 45 minutrs. Must be completely dry for the next step.

Step 7) Extract with acetone.

Scrape up all the dry basified seed paste and transfer to 100 ml shot glass. (I use a stanly knife razor blade). Do 3 x 100ml pulls with acetone (keeping the acetone), or until it's fairly clear. Dont bother trying to get every last bit of alkaloid, you'll waste your time and solvents, 3 pulls is plenty. Pour the acetone into shot glass containing seed material, stir it around and break up the clumps if needed. Wait about 10 minutes per pull for sediment to form at bottom them siphon out with glass pipette onto evaporation dish. Evaporate in well ventilated area in front of fan. (no heat, no flame, dangerous). If this step is done in high humidity conditions condensation will form on the dish and inevitably water will get into the acetone, it's not a huge deal but it'll take longer to evaporate.

After all the acetone evaporate you'll be left with very clean tan/brown cystaline powder. Transfer it to storage jar and enjoy.

I did this experiment on 5.4 grams and yielded 350 mg of bufotenine powder. It vaporizes very clean not harsh on lungs and is potent/active.


Each seed weighs on average 160 mg. 1/4 of this weight is the seed husk. About 84 whole seeds will equall 10 grams of dehull seeds. 10÷(0.160×0.75) = 83.333. Experiments have shown about half the raw seed weight is water soluble. Vaporizing effect begin about 2-4 heart beats.


Consumption of Bufotenine is vasoconstrictive, meaning the narrowing (constriction) of blood vessels by small muscles in their walls. When blood vessels constrict, blood flow is slowed or blocked, which can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. Consider whether experimenting with this drug is right for you.

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