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SP's ACRB Extraction Tek

1. Check for all supplies.

2. Weigh 100 grams of ACRB, measure 500ml of hot water, measure 60ml of vinergar, add to flask, stir.

3. 2-hour hot water bath, shake/spin up every 15 minutes.

4. Measure 500ml of hot water, weigh 80 grams of salt, stir into H20, add to flask.

5. Measure 500ml of hot water, weigh 60 grams of lye, stir 30g into H20 at a time, add to flask.

6. 2.25-hour hot water bath, shake/spin up every 15 minutes.

7. Measure 80ml of Naptha, add to flask, shake/spin and let settle 5-7 times, syphen Naptha. (X5)

8. Freeze parcipitate in pyrex container(s) for 120 hours, syphen Naptha, dry.

9. Weigh yield, expect 1.25-2.75 gram yield per 100 grams of ACRB.


1. (a)Media Flask or (b)Seperation Funnel

2. (a)Crock Pot or (b)Bucket with Bucket Heater

3. White Vinegar Bottle

4. 80 grams Salt

5. 60 grams Lye

6. 400ml Naptha (partially reusable)

7. 100 grams ACRB

8. 2 Plastic Cups (for weighing ACRB/Salt/Lye)

9. 1 Plastic Funnel (for pouring ACRB/Salt Water/Lye Water into flask)

10. 1 Turkey Baster (for syphening Naptha)

11. Dishwashing, Cleaning or Scientific Gloves (for handling chemicals)

12. Pyrex Beakers (for measuring Water and mixing Salt and Lye into Water)

13. Pyrex Containers (for freeze parcipitation and drying)

14. Wooden Stir (for stirring Salt and Lye into Water)

15. Small Scale (for weighing ACRB/Salt/Lye)

Optional: Large Mason Jar (for storing Naptha for reuse)

Suggestion: Use larger (a)Crock Pot/(b)Bucket that fits 2 (a)Flasks/(b)Funnels and double up process.