The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties

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Note error.png Note: This is a project page for organizing the efforts of the The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties [CEL] -- please edit in regard and accordance with The CEL Action Hub and any pertinent discussion found on the associated subforum.

Mission Statement

Definition of a mission statement: "a short, formally written statement of an organizations purpose that guides the actions of the organization towards specific goals."

The mission statement consists of:

  1. A statement containing the reason for using your service.
  2. A statement of some desired future vision.
  3. A statement of the key values the organization is committed to.
  4. A statement of major goals.

Option One:

The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties (CEL) purports to raise awareness regarding the spiritual use of entheogenic botanicals and substances by enthusiastically and openly representing the entheogenic community and by appealing to outside support in the form of professional scientific and medical opinion and research, legal advocacy and council, and the sympathy and interest of the general public. The coalition considers the current or expanding illicit status of entheogens to be unfounded, unconstitutional, and in violation of fundamental human rights, and it seeks to publicly expound on these points as well as organize peaceful upheaval of the policies of prohibition and social taboos bred therein.

As a public facet of the entheogenic community, the coalition will bring to light the community's core advocacy of responsibility and sincerity of intent in entheogenic practice, as well as its many achievements and discoveries. The coalition will also express the therapeutic potential of the community's practices and the implication of its inheritance from the aboriginal cultures currently and historically of common practice.

The goals of the coalition are as follows:

  1. To raise awareness regarding the entheogenic community's beneficent nature and purpose.
  2. To alleviate the unnecessary legal and social strain on the entheogenic community by way of general advocacy.
  3. To promote responsible practice and sincerity within the entheogenic community.

Option Two:

The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties (CEL) is a peaceful community dedicated to the defense of personal liberties and the spiritual practice of psychedelic botanicals. We respect the law, public safety, and the ability of mature groups and individuals to make the decision to seek insight of realms greater than our own.

We believe it is not the job of government to control substances that are clearly healthy when used properly and with respect. We believe government is not responsible for inhibiting the legitimate spiritual practices some of these psychedelics represent to many individuals and groups. We believe actions and laws based on ignorance are wrong, and will seek to inform and open the laws and minds of the public.

Our Goals are to: 1) Inform the public of the true nature of psychedelics and their benefits with science, reason, and spiritual awareness. 2) Defend those who needlessly drain the resources of our justice system. 3) Advocate change in the laws that unnecessarily limit personal freedom and spiritual practice.

Option Three:

Decriminalization of the entheogens?

Option Four:

The Coalition for Entheogenic Liberties (CEL) is an independent organization dedicated to the discovery and study of substances that commonly induce safe spiritual experiences. Our goal is to quickly and safely bring an end to the current prohibition and integrate the scientific understanding of entheogenic substances into our society and culture.

We assert the following legal rights as moral imperatives:

1. The right of certified scientists and researchers to obtain, store, and study any and all psychoactive substance
2. The right of all responsible adults to obtain, store, and utilize any and all psychoactive substances recommended by a licensed physician.
3. The right of all responsible adults to obtain, store, and utilize any and all psychoactive substances that pose little risk to themselves or others.

Without these rights, we cannot claim we are in a free society.

The freedom to influence and understand the nature of our minds is essential and we will never give it up.