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So for Normans tek it is encouraged to scrub the jars and utensils used in the extraction with cannabis/salvia?

I've done a few things differently, and I think the results are good. First, I do only 50 grams at a time, because it becomes time-consuming to separate large amounts. Too much plant fiber also makes it difficult to separate. It's very important to pour a trickle at a time in a separatory funnel (I highly recommend investing in one) to avoid getting plant fiber in, which gums up the works.

You preferably want to get the oily NAPTHA layer out without much aqueous layer. Just do a single pour with each separation. Don't worry about getting every single drop out because you will just make a headache for yourself. A wire mesh might be a good idea here, but I don't use one. A filter simply becomes too clogged.

I typically start by mixing my distilled water and lye with the finely ground bark, add my NAPTHA. I do a couple minutes of mixing and then just set it aside for when I have time. Rather than letting it soak on the last step, I leave it a day or even a week like this and occasional turn it if I have time. I do four naptha separations with ~50ml each time at this point. Once I've finished this, I go right to the wash. Freezing the product and redissolving before the wash seems to be a redundant and pointless time waster. I use 50ml distilled water with a pinch of Na Carbonate. DON'T overdo this. I messed up my very first batch by doing too much. Simply turn the funnel 5 times or so and then quickly separate. Then 8 hours of freezing does the job.

I don't scrub with herbs, as I don't use them, so after filtering my product out I simply pour the NAPTHA back into the jar and allow the product to redissolve for my next extraction. This way I'm getting as much as possible through 4-50g extractions. Yields are good and getting better with these tweaks. I didn't get a good measurement last time, but this one is better and I will report the next two. The basic process Noman gives is a good one. I recommend against the article in the wiki calling for 4 washes with one having Na Carbonate and three being distilled water. This is a great way to lose your product if done incorrectly. The product I've had is 100% tolerable and produces the desired results in experiments performed. I've yet to try recrystallization, as I'm afraid to screw it up, but the next round of experiments might be the time I try. Chemistry is fun!