Synchronized Hyperspace Event

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Synchronized Hyperspace Event

The Synchronized Hyperspace Event is an online project aimed at researching the effects of the use of psychedelics by a large number of people at once. The users expected to discover if they would be able to make contact with each other in 'hyperspace', by focusing on a specific place and having ways to distinguish themselves during the event such as with glyphs and catchphrases that they would expect other members to see during their corresponding experiences. link

The members were hoping to discover some sort of subconscious link, at best being able to communicate with each other together through this altered state of mind.

Time/Place of event

The first event took place on August 9, 2008 at 8:00pm GMT. Users around the world were invited to join in via the internet, and while many when they heard about it were willing according to several online forums, in the end only a handful of people were able to experience the event on time. Several members were unable to 'launch' due to purity, time, or other conflicting issues.

Although the members did not have a specific set location to be during the experience, they were told to aim for the Stonehenge during the trip in hopes of meeting fellow members there while under the effects of the entheogen.

Several members took subsequent doses past the set time, despite that the event was over and a few reported to have powerful experiences.


Most of the members who partook in the event reported seeing 'entities' of different types - such as snakes, alien beings, godlike creatures, and even creatures of a human-like (often female) nature.

The general warping of perception also took place for those members able to partake in the event. These included kaleidoscope-like images, shifting (or 'looping') of time, loss of the sense of time, ego-death,

Glyphs and Hyperphrases

Members were asked to choose a Glyph or symbol, as well as a catchphrase (referred to as a 'hyperphrase') to be able to distinguish each other in the case that they were able to make contact through the synchronized timing of their experiences.


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