Phalaris spp.

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Comparative alkaloid content



Extraction teks

Different extraction teks used for other DMT containing plant can work theoretically for Phalaris too, but there are 3 main issues with extracting from phalaris:

1- Finding a plant that yields decently 2- Finding a plant with good alkaloid profile 3- Dealing with plant impurities/chlorophyl/fats

For these reasons, one will more likely have good results if one extracts from a grown plant of a known strain such as AQ1, Big Medicin for DMT, and Turkey Red for 5-MeO-DMT, as well as using the stress/growth tricks to improve alkaloid content as described here:

To get rid of gramine, there are still some analytical tests to make sure and find a definite tek for phalaris but the main indication we have at this point is the fact that gramine should not be soluble in solvents such as petroleum ether / hexane / heptane / aliphatic naphtha, and therefore a few recrystallizations should get rid of it.

For separating from fats, fumarate precipitation such as FASI on limonene or FASA on xylene could potentially be a way to bypass the need for defats.

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