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Naphtha is the solvent of choice for many extracting teks to pull the freebase DMT from the basified solution.

Naphtha is a combination of organic non-polar petroleum distillates. The reason naphtha can pull the freebase DMT from the basified solution is because freebase DMT is non-polar itself.


Due to Naptha being a combination of distillates, some products are more and less pure than others. VM&P (Varnish Maker's & Painter's) Naptha as well as Coleman's Camping Fuel have both been used with success by many. Ronsonol has had mixed results, some claiming it to evaporate clean, some claiming it to be dirty. Some brands have an anti-rusting agent in them which may result in a blue discoloration. Testing the quality yourself is generally a good idea if not using VM&P.


Good quality naphtha evaporates clean, meaning that it leaves no residue after complete evaporation. Before you use any naphtha make sure that you have a good quality brand. To test the quality of your naphtha evaporate a small amount in a Pyrex dish to see if it leaves no residue, if it leaves a residue then don't use it but get another brand and test that one until you find a brand with a good quality.


Naphtha is harmful to the environment. Because of this it is best not the evaporate the naphtha but to use a freeze precipitation tek in order to reuse the naphtha. Instead of naphtha it is also possible to use D-Limonene as a non-toxic alternative.