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Brief overview - What is Mescaline?

Chemical and physical properties

For solubility, melting point, etc, check the Mescaline Chemical and Physical Properties WIKI


Extremely long, slow comeup, lasting 2+ hours. Nausea or purging for some, not for others. Higher doses can increase chances of purging, feeling of being poisoned and dizziness/difficulty standing/walking. Lower to mid doses could yield a feeling of nausea quickly followed by a "rolling" sense of euphoria.

Trip is extremely long lasting - 10-14 hours plus.

Color and music enhancement are exquisite.

Visuals are more organic looking than LSD. More rounded corners, fewer sharp edges, in every sense of the term. Colors are deeply and thoroughly saturated.

Pharmacology, toxicity and general safety

Plants containing mescaline

Extraction teks

Dosages and consumption methods

History of usage

Analysis of Mescaline





Scientific publications

Other links of interest